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Shenzhen Longhu golden civilian Science Park focuses on the development of printing and packaging industries

it was learned from the relevant municipal departments that Shenzhen, like other wearing navigation equipment, Jinping private science and Technology Park and Longhu private science and technology park were recently approved as provincial development zones by the provincial government. After approval, the names of the two development zones are "Guangdong Shantou Jinping industrial park with a long operation time" and "Guangdong Shantou Longhu Industrial Park", which have been reported to the national development and Reform Commission, which will announce and confirm after review. Jinping private science and Technology Park, with a total area of 10500 mu, has more than 200 production enterprises and a large number of national and provincial high-tech enterprises

at present, Jinping private science and technology park has basically formed five functional areas, namely Jinyuan Industrial Area with food and printing as the main industries; Shengping industrial area, whose main industries are power transmission and distribution control equipment manufacturing and hardware machinery; The laminated gold industrial area with new glass materials and new packaging materials as the main industries; Rongsheng science and technology park with electronic information industry and biomedicine as its main industries; Liantang Industrial Area, with electric vehicles and their ancillary products as the main industry, has gradually seen the agglomeration effect of various functional areas

the private science and Technology Park in Longhu District, founded in 1995, is composed of six industrial zones, including Longxin, Longsheng, Zhujin, Longhu, Zhuchi and Wanji, with a total area of 9030 mu, basically forming a park pattern of "one park and multiple areas". Among them, Wanji industrial zone is dominated by optical and electromechanical industry, Longsheng industrial zone is dominated by bioengineering, Longxin industrial zone is dominated by digital disc development and electronic components, and Zhujin industrial zone is dominated by new materials, Each district is developing in depth towards its own characteristic industries. It is understood that the main industries in the future development direction and concentration of Jinping Industrial Park in Shantou, Guangdong Province are food, machinery and printing; Shantou Longhu Industrial Park in Guangdong Province will focus on machinery, printing and packaging, and electronics

source of information: the special zone evening news

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