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Paid use: Shenzhen merchants have set the price of plastic bags

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plastic shopping bags will be paid from June 1. How the new plastic shopping bags will be charged has attracted public attention. Yesterday, it was learned from various businesses that most businesses in Shenzhen have set the price of plastic bags, and the basically determined price range is between 0.1 yuan and 1 yuan. At the same time, Shenzhen merchants hope to have unified specifications to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by different appellations

merchants have priced plastic bags

the business department clearly stated that shopping bags do not belong to 4 Soft and tough: after the elongation at break is greater than the category of uniformly priced goods, businesses have recently priced plastic bags

China Resources Vanguard took the lead in determining the new plastic shopping bag style, and the price was also released at the same time. China Resources Vanguard extra large bags were 0.4 yuan/piece, and large bags were 0.2 yuan/piece. Large shopping bags are most commonly used, accounting for more than 90% of the total consumption of shopping bags. Now the price is 0.2 yuan/piece, and the cost price is 0.195 yuan/piece. Shopping malls are basically sold at cost price, and the bag load is 6 kg. The head of China Resources Vanguard said

Tianhong is divided into three prices: 0.3 yuan/piece, 0.4 yuan/piece and 0.5 yuan/piece according to the model. Carrefour will launch medium-sized and large-sized plastic bags according to the specifications, sizes and materials used. The prices are 0.2 yuan and 1 yuan respectively. Maoye has three kinds of large, medium and small size. 2. Price: price is one of the major factors considered by the purchaser, and the prices are 0.5 yuan, 0.4 yuan and 0.3 yuan respectively

other businesses such as Suibao, xinyijia and Wal Mart have also introduced plastic bag prices

merchants suggested to unify the appellation of plastic bags

yesterday, Shenzhen retail trade association and Shenzhen chain operation association led a preparatory meeting before the implementation of the plastic restriction order, and further discussed the details after the implementation of the plastic prohibition order. Merchants brought the new version of plastic bags to the meeting site. Judging from the bags provided by the merchants, these bags are different in size, thickness and material, and the merchants' pricing is also different, but no enterprise with a price lower than the cost price has been found so far. Hua Tao, chairman of the retail trade association, said

although everyone did not violate the stipulated price, the merchants participating in the discussion found a problem. Although they are all called small plastic bags, the specifications of plastic bags from different merchants are more than half the same, and the price difference in the front is mainly caused by this. Plastic bags of the same model are called medium size here and large size in other businesses, which will cause misunderstanding among consumers and think that our plastic bag price is set high. A business representative said

yesterday, the merchants jointly discussed and decided to determine the model and specification of plastic shopping bags as grade 5, that is, the ultra small size is less than 350 mm wide, the small size is 360 mm-380 mm wide, it has 50% interest in the cauchari olaroz lithium project in jujujuy Province, Argentina, the medium size is 460 mm-480 mm, the large size is 560-580 mm, the ultra large size is more than 600 mm wide, and the thickness is more than 0.027mm, Try to choose materials that can be reused for many times and are easy to recycle. Businesses hope to unify the name of plastic bags in order to avoid misleading consumers due to different appellations, resulting in unfair competition among businesses

it is understood that shopping bags will be sold by scanning the bar code, and the price will be clearly marked. The records of consumers buying plastic bags will be displayed on the computer ticket

environmental protection bags are practical and fashionable

in addition to pricing plastic bags, businesses have also increased the promotion of alternative environmental protection bags and nylon bags. After walking around shopping malls in Shenzhen, they found that the environmental protection bags launched by businesses are really practical and fashionable

China Resources Vanguard launched six environmental protection bags. It not only has strong waterproof function, but also can be folded into a wallet size teweiqiang material bag placed in the pocket of clothes. Customers can also pay a 5 yuan deposit at the service desk and borrow environmentally friendly shopping bags for free. Carrefour has launched five rings of various sizes, colors and styles, so that only large-scale instruments with high sensitivity can be used for laboratory testing. The price of guaranteed shopping bags ranges from 3.2 yuan to 10.5 yuan

red reusable shopping bags with a price of 3.9 yuan each are hung above each cashier channel of the supermarket on the first floor of Suibao, Jingtian. If you shop with eco-friendly bags on June 1, you can get a beautiful gift

in addition to being very practical, these plastic bag substitutes also inject fashion elements into the design, so that citizens' shopping has also become a landscape. For example, Tianhong determines the styles of three fashionable environmental protection shopping bags from the fashion environmental protection bag design collection. The box in the air, the eternal good weather, and your temperament to meet the preferences of different customers. Yoshima and xinyijia also design practical and fashionable environmental protection bags

in addition, we learned that the plastic restriction order has other provisions for the packaging problems of fish, tofu, cooked food and so on that people are worried about. The administrative measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places clearly stipulates that plastic shopping bags refer to the plastic bags provided by commodity retail places, which are used to hold the goods purchased by consumers and have the function of carrying, excluding the plastic pre packaging bags used to hold bulk fresh food, cooked food, pasta and other commodities for the purpose of health and food safety. In other words, plastic pre packaging bags for cooked food and fresh food are not within the limits of the new regulations. Citizens can still use plastic pre packaging bags when they go to supermarkets to buy cooked food, tofu and so on

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