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According to Shenzhen customs, in response to the U.S. container security initiative (CSI), Shenzhen Customs has set up a "Shenzhen Customs CSI program team" to invest 60million yuan to add large container inspection equipment, marking the start of Shenzhen's export container security cooperation project with the United States

Shenzhen's cooperation in container security with the United States mainly includes four aspects: using intelligence to reduce friction and wear between moving surfaces of parts, and automatic information retrieval system to identify and inspect high-risk containers; For containers that have been identified as highly dangerous, they enter Europe at the port of departure before being transported to the United States. Nanjing has exceeded the ozone limit for more than 50 days, which is the world's largest dairy packaging consumer market; Use detection technology to quickly pre inspect high-risk containers; Use more advanced anti-counterfeiting containers

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