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Shenzhen is an important R & D center of China's photovoltaic glass industry

the development of China's photovoltaic glass industry is leading in the world, and Shenzhen is an important R & D center of China's photovoltaic glass industry. At present, the photovoltaic glass industry has become one of Shenzhen's six major new energy strategic industries, benefiting from policy support. This industry is developing standards to improve quality and gradually restore new vitality. It is suggested to set up a plastic bag for use

in recent years, Shenzhen has attached great importance to the development of standardization. In order to create a good policy environment and public opinion environment for standardization work, it has repeatedly taken the lead in implementing the urban standardization strategy across the country, such as "Shenzhen standard", "Shenzhen has two control modes d control conditioning mode B. Mohu control conditioning mode quality" and other familiar slogans Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology is at the forefront of national standardization institutions. According to tanjianjun, director of the standardization department of Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau, Shenzhen has always included international, national and industrial standards in line with the city's industrial development policies, high-level technology and outstanding innovation, as well as Shenzhen's technical standards, into the scope of incentives, in order to guide enterprises to substantively participate in standardization activities. He also said that in the future, the Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau will continue to support the standardization work and provide policy, information, funds and other support for the development of the solar photovoltaic glass sub committee

it is understood that the enterprises related to solar photovoltaic glass in Shenzhen mainly focus on the application of solar photovoltaic glass products. At present, the scale and technology of this industry in Shenzhen are at the world's advanced level, and a relatively complete industrial chain has been formed from upstream equipment and materials, midstream battery modules to downstream system applications. Many enterprises apply photovoltaic glass products to the integration of photovoltaic buildings such as curtain walls and roofs. According to relevant data, Shenzhen has more than 60 enterprises engaged in photovoltaic glass related industries, some of which have successfully provided solutions for the increasingly complex global supply chain. In addition, many foreign solar energy enterprises also regard Shenzhen as the leading station to enter the Chinese market, and have set up branches here and even the headquarters in China

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