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Shenzhen must be prepared for strong winds and various weather conditions to build two emerging industries and engage in equipment manufacturing bases.

it was learned from Shenzhen Municipal Planning Bureau yesterday that "Research on the development of modern industry and the layout of manufacturing industry in Shenzhen" has formed phased achievements, which proposed that Shenzhen, on the basis of the existing high-tech industry, modern logistics industry, financial service industry and cultural industry, It is planned to create two new leading industries - electronic equipment manufacturing industry and traditional industry information transformation comprehensive service industry

create two emerging industries

experts pointed out that the equipment manufacturing industry is a barrier that Shenzhen can't get around. Equipment manufacturing industry is the leading field with the largest import substitution space in China, and it is also the last manufacturing industry in China that is seriously underdeveloped and heavily dependent on imports. It is the field with the largest space for China's independent innovation and large-scale development, and bears the historical mission of revitalizing China's national industry; The development of other leading industries in Shenzhen is dominated by electronic information technology, forming a modern industrial pattern with diversified development led by electronic information technology and supported by multiple manufacturing and service departments

for this reason, the "Research on the development of modern industry and the layout of manufacturing industry in Shenzhen" proposed that Shenzhen should build more emerging leading industries in which two aluminum alloy profiles often use experimental machines on the basis of the existing four pillar industries of high-tech, logistics, finance and culture - and build Shenzhen into a "national important electronic equipment industry R & D and manufacturing base". Under this strategic framework, Shenzhen has the conditions to take electronic information technology as the core, and advanced technologies and products such as communication equipment manufacturing, CNC machine tools, robots, medical and health digital machinery, automatic control systems, automotive electronics, various electronic instruments and meters as the main development scope and process level of great differences, so as to form a distinctive and focused equipment manufacturing industry cluster, Apply for the construction of a national major technical equipment Engineering Center, and build Shenzhen into a research, development, design and manufacturing base for China's advanced equipment manufacturing industry, becoming Shenzhen's second leading industry; In addition, Shenzhen has the largest electronic information industry cluster in China. It is one of the cities with the highest openness, the most orderly market operation and the most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Relying on the rapid development of Shenzhen's advanced equipment manufacturing industry, Shenzhen is fully qualified to develop into a "comprehensive Service Center for Manufacturing Informatization Transformation" in the new era of China

achieve the goal by 2020

to this end, the development orientation of Shenzhen's modern industry is: by 2020, build Shenzhen into a world important R & D and manufacturing base for high-tech industries and advanced equipment industries dominated by electronic information, a comprehensive service center for China's modern industrial innovation and information transformation with a precision of 0.001g, a global financial center, logistics hub and cultural and creative base linked with Hong Kong, A strategic central city leading the Pearl River Delta to enhance technological progress and structural upgrading

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