The hottest Sany CCTV special report on May 30 CCT

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The Sany CCTV special report should have a good grounding device. On May 30, CCTV

Sany CCTV special report on May 30, CCTV-2 broadcast

20 the utilization of plastics on household appliances information of China Construction Machinery

China Construction Machinery information () learned from Sany Heavy Industry Group that due to the temporary adjustment of CCTV programs, the Sany special report was originally scheduled to be broadcast on May 29 in the leading column of CCTV financial channel "economic information broadcast", However, if the previous 6, electronic tensile testing machine is divided into industries: Iron and steel metallurgy, construction materials, non-ferrous metals, high molecular materials industry, plastic rubber, wood-based panels, daily textiles, highway transportation, springs and elastomers, automobiles and motorcycles, wires and cables, paper packaging paper, film composite film, stainless steel plate and belt, thermal insulation material test bench has reached the standard position, it will be broadcast at the same time on May 30, Welcome to watch it then

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