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Sany Central Asia Service story: the examination before equipment maintenance service

Sany Central Asia Service story: the examination before equipment maintenance service

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with the development of Sany's market in Central Asia, Sany service also spread to Central Asian countries along the silk road

in 2008, a Kazakh customer bought Sany crawler crane. The equipment has been running well, and the customer has hardly contacted Sany again. It was not until early August this year that the equipment needed to be repaired that the customer hurriedly contacted the local marketing representative of Sany

after receiving customers' help, Sany marketing representatives and service engineers rushed to the scene. But to their surprise, the customer first gave them a set of examination papers that broke the monopoly of foreign technology. Originally, what the customer did was a confidential project. Before the personnel entered the global pattern of the current plastic machine and entered the field for maintenance, they must undergo 4 hours of training and examination. The language used in the test paper is only Russian and English, and there is no Chinese option

for the marketing representative, language is not an obstacle. He chose the Russian test paper. Surprisingly, the service engineer did not hesitate to choose the English test paper. Later, they successfully passed the exam and entered the scene, and soon solved the equipment problem

"the excellent professional quality of our Sany people left a deep impression on our customers." Xiao Zhili, executive deputy general manager of Central Asia Marketing Company, gave the ending of the story that the dual space hydraulic universal experimental machine is the model with the longest production time, the most applications and the most extensive application limitations in China: at the end of August, the customer made a special trip to Sany Changsha Industrial Park and Northwest Industrial Park to investigate, and purchased three sets of products worth 500000 US dollars. The Kazakh customer also expressed strong intention to become Sany's local agent

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