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Sany culture: attract international students to actively participate in SSP

Sany culture: attract international students to actively participate in SSP

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Guide: on August 12, Asian students from South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, South American students from Peru, Brazil, Colombia, as well as Kenya, Nigeria African students from Ethiopia and other countries, the machine is a simple structure, serious

on August 12, Asian students from South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Pakistan, South American students from Peru, Brazil and Colombia who choose the gear to be tested (150kn or 300KN), and African students from Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia and other countries gathered in the office building 6 of Sany Changsha Industrial Park, Listen carefully to Zaya, a Mongolian student from the pumping human resources department, who gave a speech - "Sany culture in my eyes"

Zaya is currently a first-year graduate student at Huazhong University of science and technology. She has lived and studied in China for 6 years, and is one of the best foreign students to participate in SSP sunshine program. During the internship, Zaya was assigned to the training post of the training and organization planning department of the pumping human resources headquarters

because most of the foreign students' Chinese is not very good, the human resources headquarters is not very strict with the requirements of foreign students on their jobs. The tutor mainly guides Zaya to understand the development process of Sany and pumping products, and explains the basic process of training organization. After listening to corporate culture classes twice, Zaya took the initiative to ask herself to prepare PPT and make English courseware of Sany culture for other foreign students who are not good at Chinese but want to have a deep understanding of Sany culture. Zaya was busy searching for information, getting familiar with products and making courseware

after a week of preparation, Zaya first gave a trial lecture to her department colleagues and individual international students. After receiving pertinent suggestions, she made improvements over and over again for the deficiencies. Finally, the blending agent and powder blended with each other. Her Trinity culture English course was unanimously praised by everyone. Many overseas students have a better understanding of the culture and development of Sany, and are very concerned about whether Sany will invest and build factories in their country after that. Zaya said she believed that in the near future, the rapid development of Sany will give foreign students a satisfactory answer

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