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Sany Heavy Industry: digital transformation goes deep into the industry

Sany Heavy Industry: digital transformation goes deep into the industry

2018- the increase of environmental experiments (high and low temperature boxes) China Construction Machinery Information

"next, the difficult thing to do", this sentence of economist Zhou Qiren may become the most alarming motto in 2018. In this year, many things have become ambiguous: 40 years after the reform and opening up, we have accumulated rare wealth, but we have also come to the deep water of change; The uncertainty caused by the Sino US trade dispute, the positive sniping of globalization and anti globalization... At such a time, "challenging things to do" has almost become a value choice

in China, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has become the only definite path to eliminate uncertainty. It is precisely in this value choice that the prerequisites for the next wave of rise are contained

the construction machinery industry has experienced the same difficulties and twists. In recent years, the development of the industry has entered a cold winter. In this dormant period, Sany Heavy Industry in Hunan made up its mind to innovate, and the more difficult it was to do. Among them, it is particularly difficult to make this huge heavy industry "boss" catch up with the pace of informatization and stand in the forefront of the wave of digital transformation

according to pan Ruigang, chief information officer of Sany Heavy Industry, information is the blood of the production system of construction machinery enterprises. Timely and accurate data can help enterprises produce greater benefits at less cost. With the professional help of sap, Sany Heavy Industry has realized the information management of the whole industrial chain

The foreign media Wall Street wrote earlier that there is a blueprint for the future of Chinese industry hidden in a dust-free factory called "plant 18". Here, workers in dark blue uniforms work with robots to build pump trucks that can cement the world's tallest skyscraper... Here is Sany's workshop in Changping, Beijing

in the eyes of Wall Street, this highly intelligent factory seems to be the blueprint for the future of China's industry. In this workshop, by analyzing the real-time feedback of Sany machines running around the world to the nearby data center, engineers found out how to create better products. It is reported that Sany Heavy Industry tracked 380000 concrete mixers, excavators and cranes, and collected more than 100 billion project data

on the product side, Sany brings us more surprises. Lu Zhen, deputy general manager of Sany group, said at a media event: "we recently launched a new excavator that can be controlled by VR technology. After wearing glasses, the excavator can be operated and controlled even in the other hemisphere. With differential GPS, it can be positioned to the centimeter level, which can achieve very accurate control."

from plant 18 to VR excavator, Sany Heavy Industry after transformation has continuously pushed digitalization to the depths of the industry. Pan Ruigang concluded that the "depth" of construction machinery manufacturing refers to service, which is a more direct connection with users. In his view, the intellectualization of production and the promotion of new technologies are superficial, while the smooth flow of information and data is inside. "The future of the heavy equipment industry will be no less dependent on software and data than on hardware."

in recent years, many transformation attempts of Sany Heavy Industry have also been carried out around informatization and digitalization. This is true of "in vitro incubation" tree root Internet companies, as well as opening up the supply chain and establishing an information platform. The CRM project that pan Ruigang attaches great importance to most directly serves to eliminate the information island of enterprises and solve the technical problems of the interconnection of CRM and ERP data and processes. From obtaining sales leads, controlling business opportunities to contract negotiation and order signing of core business, to delivery, collection and other cumbersome business process management, this machine is the best choice in information means! With the help of sap, it becomes more efficient and accurate, and in this medal of merit, there is SAP's sweat

transformation path: find a trusted partner

Pan Ruigang felt that it was particularly critical to find a trusted digital partner on the transformation path of Sany Heavy Industry. Sap, which has many industries and deep qualifications, is precisely such a "reliable and perfect" partner. "Sap is the choice of many world leading enterprises, such as the construction machinery industry and the automotive industry. Of course, Sany should also keep pace." Pan Ruigang said so

click the video to watch how Sany group makes intelligence go deep into the industry.

based on the already high level of informatization in the industry, Sany group chose to deepen cooperation with SAP, build an end-to-end business management platform with SAP ERP as the core, comprehensively optimize Sany group's core business processes such as research and development, production, supply chain, sales and after-sales service, and improve group management and control and improve lean management on this basis, Reduce operating costs, create group shared service centers, and embed changes in key nodes of group management

The "Dongguan corps" in the field of new materials is accelerating its emergence

Sany group's information system takes SAP ERP as the core, peripheral integrated manufacturing execution system (MES), service management system, dealer management system, etc., supports the core business from manufacturing, delivery to service, controls the two core resources of human resources and finance, and provides effective means for the group's business performance control. Production is difficult

the informatization process reform is promoting the core business reform of Sany group, which not only responds to the needs of Sany group to improve business efficiency and quality, but also promotes the overall strategy of the group's international development. With the support of SAP's professional strength, Sany Heavy Industry is sure to move the road of digital transformation deeper and farther

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