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Sany equipment: build the world's largest crawler crane test and inspection site

Sany equipment: build the world's largest crawler crane test and inspection site

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recently, Sany equipment built the world's largest crawler crane test and inspection site, covering an area of 50000 square meters, with seven functional zones, including light load driving test area, heavy load driving test area, side load test area, large tonnage crane operation test area Small tonnage crane operation test area, climbing test area, boom connection area, can carry out reliability tests such as straight-line walking, "8" snake walking with load, hoisting operation, and so on, so as to truly simulate the actual working conditions to the greatest extent. Even foreign experts believe that this is by no means inferior to the test site of benchmark enterprises

Sany has built the world's largest crawler crane test and inspection site: new products are being tested on the test site

"in fact, the whole test system was very weak in the past, the test site was shared with the manufacturing department, and there was no professional test and inspection team." Zheng Jianming, President of Sany equipment testing and testing institute, introduced that in August last year, according to the arrangement of the heavy lift company, he came to Huzhou and began to establish and improve the test and testing system and capability. Hardware improvement is one of the important links to reduce the response time of SHM system. After the establishment of the new product testing ground, it can become the certification center of the company's new product quality, and the incubation and promotion platform of new technology. "You can verify the principle here, incubate new technologies, and promote new technologies in a certain product on a large scale." Zheng Jianming explained that only by constantly testing and improving the design of products can we truly show the advantages of new technologies

with large area and high configuration, it will inevitably require a lot of money to build such a site, and the improvement plan proposed by Zheng Jianming will eventually reduce the cost to 20% of the original plan. "Part of the ground is hardened into concrete ground, and the rest simulates the actual working conditions." In this way, not only the cost is reduced, but also it is closer to the real construction situation, with a year-on-year increase of 746.23%. In the development of the test-bed, we should make full use of stagnant materials, repair damaged and idle equipment, and save investment of 3million yuan

at present, the site has been in trial operation for two months, the test content has increased by 133%, the test efficiency has increased several times than before, and the utilization rate of test equipment is far higher than the average level of the group

"in the future, we hope to add sensors to the experimental products, build an IOT, and realize real-time feedback." In Zheng Jianming's long-term plan, he also plans to improve the utilization rate of product experimental data through management, so as to provide more accurate help for new product research and development

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