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Sany equipment helps the construction of the world's largest refinery

Nigeria. Sany has the busiest business in West Africa, and the test methods, technical indicators or technical parameters have also been improved. Abundant natural resources and a large number of infrastructure needs have enabled Sany to achieve rapid development after entering the Nigerian market. In 2016, the world's largest refinery, Nigerian dangote refinery, started construction, with nearly 20 Sany equipment participating in the construction

Sany equipment helps the construction of the world's largest oil refinery

it is understood that as the largest oil producer in Africa, Nigeria consumes about 40million liters of gasoline per day, of which less than 7million liters are produced domestically. The dependence on imports to increase the total amount and improve the quality of gasoline is more than 80%

in order to improve this situation, ariko dangote, Africa's richest man, announced in 2014 that he would invest $9billion to build a 250000 hectare oil refinery in Leki, Nigeria, the world's largest. After completion, 600000 barrels of crude oil will be consumed per day, mainly producing gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel to meet domestic demand. The planned construction period of the project is expected to be three years

such a large investment brings huge demand for construction machinery. At the beginning of the project, nearly 20 equipment such as Sany crawler crane, truck crane and excavator participated in the construction. At present, the refinery is in the basic engineering stage, and all Sany equipment operates well. In the future, more Sany equipment will enter the site

It is reported that Sany has achieved rapid development since it entered the Nigerian market in 2004. With a market holding of nearly 1000 units, it is the only local Chinese brand with a central parts warehouse and a manufacturer's self-service team. In addition to dangote refinery, Sany has also participated in the construction of many local key projects, such as the akar railway, which was officially completed last July. This is the first railway in Africa that adopts Chinese technology and standards. During construction, the basic function of the common tensile testing machine: tensile performance. 29 Sany equipment participated in the construction, which effectively promoted the local modernization and industrialization process. Li Lei, manager of Sany West Africa region, said that cooperating with the host government and excellent enterprises such as dangote group has provided Sany with good development opportunities in West Africa, and has also laid a solid foundation for Sany to promote energy production cooperation and cooperation in wind power, construction and other projects in the future

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