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Primir analyzes the development trend of sheet fed offset printing

in order to better understand the views of printing enterprises on the future development of sheet fed offset printing technology, Primer (the print industries m, the market information and research organization of China's lithium battery industry, has significantly accelerated the growth rate. During the "1025" period, we wrote primer according to the physical and chemical properties, functional structure characteristics and future development trends of materials) commissioned reed business information to carry out a study, The research topic is "trends of sheet fed offset printing technology from 2006 to 2011". The research has studied different fields such as commercial printing, packaging printing and special printing, including industry description and analysis of enterprise fixed asset purchase, printing format and equipment configuration, as well as automation, online technology and environment, safety performance, etc

enterprises in the field of commercial printing say they have plans to increase their dependence on automation in the future. Some printing enterprises attribute stable printing prices and higher profitability to in-machine automation and technological progress. Our record is that we use our new six color sheet fed offset press to produce 14 batches of work in a single shift of 8 hours, with an average printing volume of 2500 copies per business. We have completed all production and conversion work. If it's on our old printing machine, it's good to complete 3-4 batches of work per shift

the study also found that many enterprises are beginning to accept JDF compatible workflow, but from the answers of many enterprises, it can be found that these enterprises lack personnel to market, implement and manage highly automated JDF workflow

the study found that environmental issues have replaced health and safety as the most concerned issues, which may be due to the very strict regulations on health and safety. Many enterprises said that in the next three years, enterprises will pay more attention to the social, sustainable development and greenhouse gas emissions of enterprises, which will affect the operation of enterprises on experimental projects and the choice of suppliers

the study also found that many sheet fed printing enterprises have also started digital printing, but most of them regard digital printing as a short version and fast conversion printing system, rather than for the production of high value-added variable data business. In order to make a living, these enterprises prefer to choose practical sheet fed printing machines, that is, 24 inch to 40 inch printing formats, preferably double-sided printing with online glazing devices. When upgrading, in addition to making their production more flexible, printing enterprises also hope to have a higher degree of automation and more advanced technology, so as to cope with shorter and shorter printing volume, smaller and smaller printing format and faster and faster business conversion

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