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Printer manufacturers let users move towards "green"

"green" environmental protection concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and even printer manufacturers do not forget to think for users. Lenovo printer recently proposed the "trust" project, which aims to provide users with excellent product quality and excellent overall service, so that users can enjoy assured services in the purchase, use, maintenance and other aspects of printer products that enable the rough measurement of cable faults to enter a new situation

in order to promote the implementation of the "trust" project, Lenovo will launch a nationwide "worry free printing in Lenovo" promotion activity from May, and make reassuring promises of quality and service to users with laser printers and all-in-one machines. This activity will continue until June 30. The "worry free printing" activity contains rich content: from May 10 to June 30, Users buy Lenovo laser printers (popular lj2312p, network lj8212n, wide width lj3010a, lj3116a) and all-in-one machines (LJ6012MFP, lj6112mfc, j6212mfc and lj5300mfc). Jenny added: "After the third quarter, products such as Lenovo, callcenter and hundreds of branches across the country will receive detailed consulting services, purchase guidance, a long-term guide to making the elongation at break account for the original length, as well as gifts such as fashionable and exquisite" love umbrella "

Liu Hong, general manager of the peripheral business department of Lenovo computer company, expounded his service concept: all IT products and it technologies should be developed around the actual needs of users. For the general business field, the service in the traditional sense often refers to the relevant services after the product is sold; Enterprises with excellent service ideas have achieved three stages of service: pre-sales, sales and after-sales; In the field of it, users need more - before sales, they need to clarify their existing needs and the room for future business needs; During the sale, they should know the comprehensive information about the products, including the products to be bought, other products, market application standards, etc; After sales, they need to consider the implementation, operation and maintenance of the scheme. To meet these needs of users, it manufacturers have different practices from traditional industries

Hewlett Packard released five new laser printers, namely hplaserjet1200, 1220, 2200, 3200 and 4100. Although the specifications are different from the user groups, the five new products highlight the concept of "healthy printing", that is, using new technologies to reduce the loss and pollution of products to resources, and improve the transmission and processing of information, Turn the printer into an intelligent information processing device that can make full use of network functions and resources, and create a healthy printing environment for users through the advantages of paper saving, power saving, time saving, product recycling and so on

it is understood that hplaserjet3200 series products, such as printing, fax, copying and color scanning, have become efficient and small all-round office equipment. HP said that the after-sales service of the new laser printer launched this time will be comprehensively improved. On the basis of the standard one-year warranty, lj1200 microcomputer controlled electronic experimental machine is your better choice/1220 series provides door-to-door pick-up services in 60 cities across the country, and lj2200, lj3200, lj4100 series products enjoy door-to-door maintenance services in 20 cities across the country

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