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Print 05: analysis of new products of mixed/uv ink (II)

won the 2005 GATF InterTech science and technology award. With this product, printers can easily convert between traditional, UV and mixed ink printing without replacing the printing roller

prime UV system's new prime IR action dryers (infrared dryers) can be combined with the UV curing equipment produced by the company to become a complete curing/drying system for UV coating of water-based ink printing. The system integrates the central operation control system of the installation system, prime IR action dryers dryer and prime UV curing system curing device

the weromix ink roller of a-korn roller company (Chicago) can stably transfer traditional, UV and UV mixed inks. In the UV irradiation environment, the ink roller has a small expansion coefficient, and can ensure thorough cleaning in the conversion between traditional, UV and mixed inks

phoenix North America's Ruby carat blanket uses UV resistant surface materials, and the middle layer is compressible, so the service life of the blanket surface is enhanced and good printing quality can be provided. The filler material in the EPDM surface material helps prevent swelling when transferring ink

rbp chemical technology company supplies a range of products including fountain solution, printing plate cleaner and chemicals such as washing water for cleaning printing machines using uv/ed/mixed inks

fountain solution:

* concept 21 system

* UNITROL 9000 (it is said that the table makes the central surface tension of the upper and lower jaw close to the ink, and the resistance is small)

* UNITROL CTP (for CTP printing plate)

printing plate cleaner:

* PC 400 is a printing plate cleaner that can dissolve UV and remove scratches

car wash water:

* UV wash HF is applicable to all rubber materials

* UV wash 5700 is applicable to EPDM rubber materials

technotrans can be said to have monopolized the market of all sheet fed offset ist UV curing systems in the United States and Canada. Sheet fed offset printing environment is sensitive to heat, and the texture is non porous. Some customers with large purchase volume tear down two or three meters of continuous roll bag printing materials, such as metal foil, polymer molecular materials, insulating materials, plastics and ultra light labels, which are very suitable for using ist coolcure - UV curing in inert gas environment. The product uses nitrogen to replace oxygen for UV curing, so as to improve the curing efficiency. Because the UV curing system uses less energy to cure ink or varnish, the heat received by the substrate is also reduced

technotrans has also recently launched urs reflector, which is said to be more effective in reflecting ultraviolet light onto the substrate, so it can consume less power and complete high-quality curing effect

at print 05, TECHNOTRANS also showed some new technologies about ist UV curing equipment, including the design of new UV reflector, the structure of lamp, operation control and energy selection

the company has also prepared a new thermal energy system for the drying of inks and aqueous varnishes in high-speed printing

blue Island newspaper printing company established Prime Systems Inc. The company is equipped with a high-quality new curing system on Goss SSc. This new cold air drying system can realize high-speed curing of UV ink. The blue island system is now used for the drying of a double-sided rotary printing machine using flint ink arrow UV ink with a machine speed of 28000 IPH

baldwin claims that the quick start technology of graphicure gc9 UV curing system allows customers to start UV tubes in a few seconds without preheating. The system adopts air cooling device

when the printer is not in operation, the UV lamp of graphicure gc9 will go out, so there is no need for light and attention is paid to the operation of the computer control grid and other movable parts of the machine, which reduces the maintenance and repair work

people only need to press the button of air motion systems' peak UV system, and the sliding parts in the system will slide into the appropriate position. Only one operator is needed to move each module of the system without any tools. You can flexibly place all the modules in the system - an operator can move the module at the end of a printing machine to the position where the printing machine needs to be installed in a few minutes. These modules are plug-in

the geometry of the wide beam reflector can complete the high-speed curing process with lower energy. A pure mechanical cooler is responsible for the cooling of UV curing module and printing machine. For the drying of water-based varnish, AMS provides peak IR, an infrared/hot air drying system, which is said to be very flexible to ensure the proper balance of heat, air and exhaust

ams company has prepared cool impressions for plastic and adhesive substrate materials, which is an imprint cylinder cooling system specially designed for UV treatment of thermal substrate materials

uv process supply (Chicago) provided a free user manual "maintenance of UV curing equipment". The main contents are:

* maintenance and parameter measurement of UV lamp tube

* correct method of cleaning reflector and UV lamp tube

* detailed catalogue of replacement parts

* cleaning of all parts of the system

* correct filling of inspection records

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