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Print publications "counter attack" new media, traditional media or break through

various statistics show that the advertising business income of Chinese traditional media fell sharply in 2013, far exceeding the correlation effect caused by the overall economic downturn. Among them, the paper media is the hardest hit area. In the first quarter alone, the quarterly drop in the advertising market of Chinese newspapers and media reached 12% year-on-year, the largest decline since 2010. At the time of the inventory in the first half of the year, the operating income of the six listed newspaper companies fell year-on-year. As a result of our measurement, the impact energy of only four companies fell, with the largest decline of 71.93% for St media. The reason why Borui communication and Zhejiang newspaper media can maintain year-on-year growth in operating income is only because of the online game business. From the data of 2 industries, there is no doubt that printing has died, although many publications with a long history are still struggling

although experts assert that printed publications will die, some unexpected things are happening. Some foreign readers have begun to consider printing online media and comments for reading. Pitchfork, an American independent music information magazine, has been published on the Internet for 17 years, and recently launched a quarterly print edition. The Los Angeles review has been published on Tumblr since 2011. Recently, in order to celebrate the passing of the publication review, the Los Angeles review quarterly has been specially prepared, and the knowledge magazine the new inquiry also plans to print and publish anthologies

this is a problem discussed by many people at present: from traditional printing to digital publishing. The editor in chief of the NEWI inquiry said that this is the first time that people who have been engaged in digital publishing have transferred to printing.

in addition to emotional factors, from the perspective of business law, printing cannot recover so easily, and the rise and fall of a single platform do not explain anything. Most media enterprises are more willing to release products through various channels, and at the same time, solid communication and corporate profits. As a traditional media, how to integrate new media in the new business state, carry out self reform and innovation, and develop a new model that meets the needs of consumers. Then through capital operation, we can create the maximum economic benefits, strengthen ourselves, and make ourselves invincible forever in the new media situation. This is a big problem that must be considered

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