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Yun Yin Zhang Jun: to the Internet + printing that we will eventually embrace

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core tips: the first industrial revolution is steam engine, the second industrial revolution is electricity, and the third industrial revolution is interconnection. At the two sessions of this year, interconnection + officially proposed that if the overload or unloading angle is too large, the influence of the network will be again 2 Upgrade the instructions of the electronic tensile testing machine

[China Packaging News] the first industrial revolution was steam engine, the second industrial revolution was electricity, and the third industrial revolution was interconnection. At the two sessions this year, interconnection + was officially proposed, which upgraded the influence of networks again. At the third China Printing e-commerce annual conference, Zhang Jun, CEO of cloud printing, shared the idea of jointly welcoming the Internet + era with colleagues in the industry. He mentioned that the transformation and impact of the Internet on the industry has entered the deep water area, and called on everyone to face the Internet revolution with an open mind, reconstruct the traditional printing industry, and work together to make the market bigger and better

[current situation] market characteristics of traditional printing and packaging industry

the growth momentum of the global printing and packaging market is very rapid. The data show that the per capita consumption of China's printing and packaging industry is $3-4, the United States $316 and Japan $470. In contrast, the consumption of China's printing and packaging market is still less than 1%. The market is far from being saturated and disappeared as everyone said, rather than 24-hour door-to-door to deal with your problems. On the contrary, there is still huge room for growth

According to Zhang Jun, the traditional printing and packaging industry has the following characteristics:

compared with the IT industry, the industrialization foundation of printing is years behind, the industrialization level is low, and the management mode is backward

in production, glass or carbon fiber materials are embedded in the thermoplastic matrix, and the original large single quantity processing mode of the printing factory leads to low production flow efficiency

small and medium batch orders cannot be produced quickly and efficiently

the basis of combined printing technology is poor, resulting in high production costs and poor quality

prepress processing depends on labor, which has high cost and low efficiency

high investment in machinery, plant and labor, and unsaturated orders

the trend of industry convergence to both ends is obvious: scale and personalization, and the rest go bankrupt

[thinking] the essence of Internet is more efficient connection

Internet is not disintermediation. What Internet does is a new intermediary model that can improve user efficiency and reduce user transaction costs and role costs. Zhang Jun pointed out that in the Internet era, we should not be customers, but pay more attention to user experience; It's not doing service, but trying it for free; It is not the relationship between Party A and Party B, but to create a sense of participation and reputation; It's not doing business, it's using flow thinking to generate consumption

interconnection is not destruction. Its essence is how interconnection can improve our efficiency. Its essence is connection. For example, the success of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent is due to the connection between people and information, between people and objects, and between people

nowadays, the Internet is in a period of vigorous development, and the printing industry is not as volatile as other traditional industries, because printing is particularly heavy, on the one hand, offline is particularly heavy, on the other hand, it is closely connected with the front-end design services. With the deep penetration of Internet, it is inevitable to deconstruct and reshape traditional industries, and heavy verticality is the biggest trend

[outlook] the positioning of printing and packaging enterprises in the era of industry 4.0

is in the era of Internet + and industry 4.0 is also very critical. Zhang Jun suggested that in the process of interconnection of the industry, the bosses of the traditional printing and packaging industry should focus on industry 4.0. How to do the informatization, industrialization and digitization of production processes is the fundamental foundation in the era of the third Internet revolution

Internet is not a scourge. How to find their own positioning is something that every printing and packaging enterprise must think about. First of all, we should position ourselves: do we want to be a platform or an entrance? If you are a platform, do you have enough teams, enough funds, enough industry insight, and enough execution? If you want to make an entrance, you should think clearly about how to do it, how to cut it, whether to cut the B end or the C end, and whether to cut it on or off the tangent. Different enterprises have different historical missions and need to find their own links in this industrial chain and value chain

Zhang Jun strongly appeals to colleagues in the industry that industrialization and it are the first step and the foundation of traditional industries. Now, don't worry about how interconnection will subvert the industry. We should improve the management, improve the informatization level, improve the production efficiency, do a good job in products, quality and services, and we will have a foothold in this market

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