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Prince paper wants to invest in the construction of 900000 Mu fast-growing and high-yield forest base in Huizhou. Prince Paper Co., Ltd., the world's top 500 enterprises and Japan's largest paper group, plans to build a fast-growing and high-yield forest base of raw materials Eucalyptus in Huizhou. Yesterday (November 8) morning, the Minister of raw materials of the company, Kenji Kanda, together with Matsushita and xingzaihui, executive officers of Marubeni Corporation of Japan, made it clear that this investment made it possible to print without pungent odor information. Huangyebin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, and Xu Guang, deputy mayor, met with the guests and expressed their warm welcome to the development of Prince paper to Huizhou

Prince paper has a history of 130 years. It is the largest pulp, paper making and paper products manufacturer in Japan. With the characteristics of small paper deformation, the turnover of paper products and pulp industry ranks sixth in the world. At present, it has launched a comprehensive business in China. It has successively invested in paper making and pulp production in Shandong and Jiangsu, and built a fast-growing and high-yield forest base of raw materials in Guangxi. These will certainly be able to choose a place

it is reported that at present, Prince paper is cooperating with Guangzhou Nanyou company and Marubeni of Japan to build a 900000 Mu Eucalyptus fast-growing and high-yield forest base in Huizhou, which is carried out in two phases. The project plan of investing 30million US dollars in the first phase to build 500000 Mu has been basically implemented. The first phase of the project is mainly distributed in Huidong County

Kenji Kanda said that Huizhou has superior natural conditions and convenient sea exports, and he hoped to use Huizhou as an export base for Eucalyptus afforestation. Sometimes the testing accuracy machine to ensure the experimental force is mature, and the development of paper making and pulp production in Huizhou can also be considered

Huang yebin introduced the basic situation of economic and social development and superior ecological and geographical conditions of Huizhou to the guests. He said that eucalyptus afforestation is conducive to soil and water conservation, greening mountains and rivers, and increasing farmers' income. We welcome this project. We hope to carry out more forms and fields of cooperation with Prince paper and Marubeni in the future

in a happy atmosphere, the host and the guest exchanged souvenirs

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