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PRINERGY prepress process system won the legacy award award

according to the news released in the United States on October 8, PRINERGY prepress D ear making rate measured value workflow system was announced to win the legacy award award of the must see technology product at the printing enterprise high level Outlook Forum held in the United States on October 6

prinergy prepress workflow system was jointly developed by Cleo and Heidelberg, and now Kodak has also developed a product. This technology has had a lasting impact on the entire printing industry, so it won the legacy award, the first must see technology product at the exhibition in history

it is reported that according to the Convention, there will be a pre Exhibition Conference of great academic value, the executive outlook conference of printing enterprises, on the day before the opening of the annual graph Expo, and the must see technology products Award (must see EMS) will be announced at the conference. This year's conference with stable growth of main business income is special, because it has also set up a new legacy award to commend projects that have won the must see technology product award at the exhibition and still have a great impact on the printing industry today

and the 4th International Annual Summit on the innovation and utilization of automotive lightweight technology and materials science and technology was grandly held in Wuhan in 2014.

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