The hottest printer bit the worker's arm

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The printing machine bit the worker's arm. Yu Yongsheng, a 21-year-old Anhui worker, sold products through unofficial channels with mixed quality. When operating in the factory at about 10 a.m. yesterday, his right arm was inadvertently involved in the printing machine, which did not change the structure and working state of the original machine and equipment. After more than an hour of rescue by the fire department, Yu Yongsheng's arm was rescued

when arriving at Shanghai Shenrong Printing Co., Ltd., No. 400, Fucun Road, Putuo District, Yu Yongsheng's arm was still stuck in it, and most of the whole right arm was involved in the middle of two rollers. Fire fighting, public security and 120 emergency departments have carried out first aid on the scene. According to witnesses, Yu Yongsheng was operating the printing machine at that time. He didn't notice that the clothes on his right arm were caught in the roller of the machine and couldn't move. The nearby workmates rushed to the rescue immediately after finding it, but there was no way to pull his arm out of the machine, and then called the police

after the fire department arrived, the frequency was fixed for several gears, and the expander was immediately used to expand and take out the arm, but the roller did not move after efforts. The firemen took the hydraulic tongs again and tried to cut off the roller, but the roller was very hard and could not be cut at all. The rescue work was once in trouble

as Yu Yongsheng's cry became weaker and weaker, the on-site rescue personnel decisively decided to dismantle the machine. After more than an hour of suffering, Yu Yongsheng's arm was finally rescued by

. Later, it was learned from Tongji Hospital that Yu Yongsheng had a fracture at the lower end of his right arm, but fortunately his life was not in danger

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