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Printer market technology and cost should be hard at both ends

there are two visible main lines in the printer market in 2011. First of all, there are many breakthroughs in technology. Cloud printing, optical ink technology, ink bin printing technology and WiFi printing technology add a lot of color to the calm printer market. In terms of consumables strategies, various low-cost and high-capacity consumables strategies to reduce costs are more like a collective counterattack against general consumables factories

the printing market dominated by technology flow

the printer market has not evolved into a general-purpose product like the development of the PC market, and finally turned into a scale and cost competition. The fundamental reason is that the printer is a technology led market, and various technologies and schools stick to their positions, and the core technology has also become the ultimate competitiveness of printer manufacturers

let's first look at cloud printing based on the future. HP recently introduced the concept of cloud printing and launched a series of products based on cloud printing applications. Cloud printing allows users all over the world to use any printer in the cloud through various types of devices, including, PCs, notebooks and even cameras

HP has set up a cloud printing server. Users can use these services by registering an account, so as to connect with the printer, so as to easily share the printer with partners, friends and family around the world without installing any complex network drivers. In short, HP has built a print server for users in the wide area, which is similar to the computer in the shared print mode. All users connected to the wide area can issue print instructions to the printers connected to the server through this server, so that documents can be output on the designated printers

in our communication with Chinese users over the years, we have deeply realized the needs of consumers for cloud printing. Even before the advent of cloud computing, we were already brewing the vision of cloud printing. When cloud computing was first accepted by the Asian market, we felt that the time was ripe, relevant technology research and development had been in place, and it was time to launch cloud printing. Qian Yue, vice president of HP IPG group, said that with consumers' recognition of cloud printing, it is just around the corner to establish cloud technology as a new industry standard. Our vision for the application of HP cloud printing technology in the business field is to hope that cloud printing will be as popular as WiFi in the future, and even help businesses provide value-added services to customers in the future, and become a new profitable business model with good anti-interference performance

of course, it may take a long time for cloud printing to really become the mainstream, while several other technologies this year can become productivity

first of all, optical ink technology: Lenovo launched the world's first A4 format linear inkjet printing technology rj600n this year, which is also called optical ink printer. Due to technological innovation, Lenovo rj600n brings excellent printing products with 60ppm continuous output and 1200dpi image quality. From the application brought by technology, its high-speed output is a model that can replace the laser printer, and it has high image quality, It also makes its application more extensive

it is understood that Lenovo's refill inking marketing model will set up refill inking stations in dealer stores, Lenovo service stations and customers with a large amount of printing to directly add original ink to the ink cartridges. According to the analysis, Lenovo refill inking marketing mode will attract users to inject ink at a low cost and extremely convenient operation mode, so as to recover the consumables consumption market of this high-end model

the second is ink bin printing technology: that is, the legendary official confession. Because the ink-jet printer modified with the continuous ink supply system is extremely unstable and in contact with the outside air, so that it cannot achieve the best print quality, and it does not enjoy the official warranty. Epson's ink bin printer solves the stability of continuous ink supply through closed constant pressure method. It adopts polymer conduit, and the super large ink bin can accommodate monochrome 70ml ink. The total printing volume is more than 10000 pages, and the cost of a single page is extremely low. It is an excellent choice for users of printing volume

finally, WiFi printer technology: inkjet printers and inkjet all-in-one machines with WiFi wireless function are not rare, but laser printers with WiFi function appeared for the first time in the first half of 2011. The first black-and-white laser printer with standard wireless function came from Samsung's ml-1865w. Although it is not a particularly novel technology, it is indeed the first application in black-and-white shock, And it can print directly with Android smart or tablet computers, which is similar to HP wireless all-in-one machine in printing mode

it can be seen that cloud printing, optical ink technology, ink bin printing technology and WiFi printing technology will make more layers add a lot of color to the printer market in the process of composite extrusion. In terms of consumables strategies, various low-cost and high-capacity consumables strategies to reduce costs are more like a collective counterattack against general consumables factories

consumables strategy collective rage

low price consumables strategy began with Epson's me strategy. As early as 2004, Epson officially released me series products, and introduced a new and more mature consumption concept of paying attention to printing cost into me series. Based on this concept, the price of ink cartridge was reduced, so that users can more easily give full play to the performance of Epson machine, experience high-quality printing effect, reliability and printing fun through the use of original consumables

this year, after the launch of Epson student printers me35 and me350, they launched the applicable 29 yuan original ink cartridges, breaking the historical low price of original ink cartridges. In this regard, some people say that the original ink cartridge only sells for 29 yuan. What's the reason to buy a compatible ink cartridge? At the same time, it also opened the beginning of the major printer manufacturers' articles on consumables strategy in 2011

in the same way, when people come out of the market after buying vegetables (that is, the samples are constantly in the jaws, in the jaws, in the parallel section or outside the gauge distance), the original Epson ink warehouse printer is also in full swing in the market. Epson is the manufacturer most affected by continuous supply. In the second and third tier cities, people know Epson printers, but generally do not know Epson consumables, Because almost 80% of users will choose Epson inkjet printer as well as continuous supply as post printing consumables

in less than two months after Epson released the 29 yuan original ink cartridge on August 26, Canon couldn't sit still. It made an adjustment to the ink cartridge price, launched a new E500 all-in-one machine and matched it with 88 yuan and 800 pages of low-cost consumables. At the same time, manufacturers such as brother and Oki also began to launch low-cost consumables to win the favor of users who are sensitive to printing costs

in addition to the low-cost consumables strategy, high-capacity consumables are also one of the current trends. For example, with the launch of the marketing model of Lenovo rj600n and refill, Lenovo rj600n will support ink injection instead of replacing ink cartridges every time, as in previous inkjet printers. This marketing mode completely changes the existing consumables marketing mode, which will greatly reduce the user's use cost, and at the same time, it will be more environmentally friendly for the multiple utilization of ink cartridges

at the same time, the minimum print life of the selenium drum attached to the new Lenovo all-in-one machine is 12000 pages, and the capacity of the toner box is 1500 pages, while the random consumables of similar products of some brands are only 700 pages, which is equivalent to Lenovo giving customers more consumables of 600 yuan, which really saves customers the later use cost. Users can also choose high-capacity toner boxes with better economy, large capacity consumables support and the design of drum powder separation, It can not only help users save more late printing costs, but also reduce the replacement times of consumables and prolong the service life of equipment, so as to reduce the consumption of social resources and natural resources caused by equipment upgrading

more peculiar is the official powder filling of laser printers proposed by Ricoh. Powder filling is the most familiar vocabulary in the laser printing market. Previously, it only existed in the general consumables market dominated by third-party manufacturers. Due to people's pursuit of low cost, powder filling has also become the main means of consumables supply in the later stage of laser printers. Now Ricoh's original printer has supported powder filling, and the high guarantee brought by high quality undoubtedly brings the most severe challenge to the powder filling of general consumables

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