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Zhangdejin, chairman of Anhui Forklift Group: focus on technological innovation, Sponsored by China Construction Machinery Industry Association, "the fourth member congress and the 13th China Construction machinery development high level discussion on the development of polymer road materials by Russian Petrochemical Company" was grandly held in Hefei, Anhui Province. More than 300 people, including leaders from relevant national and Anhui provincial and municipal government departments, heads of associations and affiliated branches, senior executives of key enterprises in various fields of the industry and industry media representatives, attended the annual event of the industry

zhangdejin, chairman of Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the meeting. The following is the actual record of the speech:

dear leaders, colleagues, guests and friends from the media, good morning

first of all, I would like to thank Mayor Wang for his warm speech, and the China Construction Machinery Association for holding the annual event in Hefei. At the same time, it is a great honor for Anhui Forklift Group to co host this year's annual meeting and Summit Forum. Here, on behalf of Anhui forklift group and Hefei Heli Co., Ltd., please allow me to welcome all leaders, colleagues, guests and media friends, Express warm welcome and heartfelt thanks

for some time now and in the future, China's economy will not be as prosperous as it used to be like the weather in late autumn. It even feels a little cold. This is called entering the new normal. What should we do after the new normal? The state has put forward the policy of focusing on improving economic quality and efficiency, focusing on adjusting strategic transfer, taking adjusting and deepening structural reform as the fundamental driving force, and taking safe development, green development and harmonious development as the guarantee. Under such a macroeconomic background, China's construction machinery industry has experienced rapid growth in the past ten years, from industrial scale, technical level, product grade, market service The internationalization of supporting facilities and other aspects have achieved rapid development and breakthroughs, and remarkable achievements have been made. Since 2011, some deep-seated contradictions and problems have gradually emerged, such as insufficient innovation ability, rapid scale expansion, serious homogeneous competition, financial crisis caused by transitional marketing, and lack of funds. The industry has begun to enter a state of anxiety and stalemate. It is generally felt that the market is difficult to do, What has been widely criticized by the industry is that the gold of the bidding mode of waterproof works is tight, the profit has decreased, the development has encountered a bottleneck, and the industry has encountered a new normal. What should we do? Today, taking advantage of the platform and opportunity of the industry annual meeting and Summit Forum, we all gather together to analyze the situation around the development of the economic industry, share views, sum up experience, look forward to the future, and believe that it will play a practical role and far-reaching impact on the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

in the new normal, we should not only fully evaluate profitability, but also see the favorable environment. The key is to focus on the main business, narrow the gap between the International (4) tension sensors and the first-class enterprises in transforming tension signals into electrical signals, focus on accelerating technological innovation, management innovation, system and mechanism innovation, and business model innovation, and enhance the momentum of enterprise development through innovation. Secondly, we should adhere to quality-oriented, focusing on quality improvement, Promote the development of the enterprise through the improvement of quality and reliability. Third, manage and control risks, slow down the pace, and then achieve quality and effective growth. Finally, we should adhere to integrity and self-reliance

Anhui Forklift Group is a provincial state-owned enterprise focusing on industrial vehicles in the industry, and has made some achievements. In terms of scale, income, management and other aspects, we still have a big gap between our domestic testing machines and imported testing machines and international first-class enterprises. Tomorrow afternoon, we will arrange you to join forces for investigation and guidance, Here, I also hope that all leaders and guests can make more valuable comments and suggestions. Finally, I wish this conference and the summit forum a complete success. I wish all leaders and guests good health, prosperity and family happiness. Thank you

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