Zhang Jinxing's 51 year technical path

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Born for technology -- zhangjinxing's 51 year technical road

born for technology -- zhangjinxing's 51 year technical road

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Guide: I am a veteran in the construction machinery industry. I have witnessed the start, growth and development of the construction machinery industry. More importantly, the industry has cultivated, driven and spurred my growth. My growth has always been linked with the growth of the industry. At the beginning of the interview, Mr. zhangjinxing expressed his sincere words

"I am a veteran in the construction machinery industry. I have witnessed the start, growth and development of the construction machinery industry. More importantly, the industry has trained, driven and spurred my growth. My growth has always been linked to the growth of the industry." At the beginning of the interview, Mr. zhangjinxing expressed his feelings for China's construction machinery industry in the most sincere words. But in fact, in this kind of gratitude, zhangjinxing's consistent selfless dedication to the industry is more abundant. Up to now, zhangjinxing is still using his limited but powerful technical force to repay the industry and society. He expects the progress of the industry to follow the industry

In 1962, zhangjinxing officially entered the construction machinery industry and engaged in the R & D, trial production, mapping and production of self-propelled LHD, towed LHD and tire bulldozer. Although the conditions at that time were very difficult, the data were scarce, and the available prototypes were limited, with the persistent pursuit of scientific research and the passion and longing for technical design, Zhang Jinxing spent almost six years in the construction machinery enterprises in Xiamen, Zhengzhou and other regions, and paid a lot of energy and effort for product upgrading and innovation. At that time, he deduced the mathematical model of the steering kinematics and dynamics of the vehicle body of the tire type product, which provided technical support for the independent research and development of the self-propelled LHD

in the face of the hardships and difficulties in his work, zhangjinxing said: "I have never left technology. When I was 60, I was still painting. But I have never felt difficult. The most painful time may be when I didn't work!" A simple and even inconceivable sentence makes us deeply realize that an old engineering technician loves the scientific research work in the construction machinery industry. Perhaps it was from then on that zhangjinxing was destined to have an indissoluble bond with the technological progress of the construction machinery industry

basic theory of innovation

in 1969, after returning from the grass-roots enterprises, zhangjinxing began to study and innovate the principle of soil cutting. At that time, he sought his own topic and did not stop his scientific research activities. He analyzed the whole process of energy source, energy conversion and transmission of construction machinery products (mainly for soil shoveling and transportation machinery). The engine power is converted from the chemical energy of fuel oil into heat energy, which is then converted into mechanical energy and hydraulic energy to work on the soil. Therefore, the available energy through energy conversion and transmission is only about 30%. On this basis, zhangjinxing began to think about whether chemical energy could be directly applied to the soil, so as to improve the efficiency of energy

after more than 7 years of exploration, zhangjinxing developed the method of frequency explosion soil excavation, established the efficiency model of diesel combustion directly acting on the soil, and designed the test prototype of frequency explosion bulldozer and trenching plough. During this period, he has conducted field tests for many times. The frequency explosion trench plough test carried out at -30 ℃ in Daqing is the first in China. When the author asked why he chose such difficult conditions, zhangjinxing's answer shocked people. He said: "the colder the weather, the better. The colder it is, the more conducive it is to the blasting test of frozen soil." It can be seen that zhangjinxing's contribution to scientific research is not only technology, but also perseverance

At the end of 1970s, zhangjinxing began to study soil and mechanical ground mechanics again. By analyzing the correlation between ground parameters and equipment, it plays an important role in effectively using materials, improving process, improving product quality, reducing cost, and ensuring product safety and reliability, so as to provide basic data for product design. When undertaking the project of 3000t/h bucket wheel excavator in Xiaolongtan, Yunnan Province, he carried out the research on the distortion theory of coal rock cutting specific resistance, established the mathematical model of coal rock cutting specific resistance, and provided reliable data for the power selection of bucket wheel excavator. At the same time, zhangjinxing also engaged in the research on the driving theory of construction machinery pavement, the detection and prediction of low specific pressure, and the kinematics and dynamics of Paver Screed

pioneer in research and development of pavement machinery

then, in the early 1980s, zhangjinxing carried out research on pavement machinery that had a far-reaching impact on the industry. At that time, due to the limitations of construction technology, all high-grade pavement machinery and equipment in China, such as asphalt concrete pavers and stabilized soil mixers, came from abroad. For this reason, zhangjinxing was the first person in the construction machinery industry to propose to carry out research on pavement machinery, so as to break the continuous monopoly of foreign countries as soon as possible. At his suggestion, in 1985, Tianjin Research Institute of construction machinery set up a pavement machinery research office, which set the stage for the localization of pavement machinery

subsequently, zhangjinxing and other technicians popularized the pavers with local characteristics that have no impact on the use of most workpieces on the basis of introducing and digesting foreign mechanical pavers. In zhangjinxing's words, it is impossible for Japan to stop us with engine, gearbox, transmission box and other parts

the research and development of full hydraulic stabilized soil mixer has once again verified the rapid development of China's engineering machinery technology. At the same time, foreign brands have also been greatly impacted. Zhangjinxing proudly said: "in just seven years, China has basically blocked foreign brands out of the country. At present, road machinery has basically realized localization."

promote the development of remanufacture

after 2005, zhangjinxing shifted his focus to the remanufacture field of construction machinery and wanted to promote the remanufacture concept and mode to the whole industry. However, for the difficulties and bottlenecks encountered in the development of remanufacture, zhangjinxing also put forward some ideas

first, break the conceptual barrier. From the current development of technical cooperation with counterparts in the United States, Russia and other advanced countries, remanufacture should not be bound by fixed concepts. Enterprises should rely on their own resource advantages, management experience and social sense to go out boldly, and experience, management and patterning will also be gradually formed in the exploration

second, break through technical limitations. As for the current level of remanufacture technology in China, zhangjinxing frankly said that it is still far from developed countries. But in the face of the actual technological advancement, zhangjinxing also creatively put forward the remanufacture design. He said: "Remanufacture should be taken into account at the early stage of product design, including which parts can be remanufactured and how to disassemble and clean them. Then green design demonstration should be carried out, that is, the analysis of evaluation resources, energy and costs, to provide the most reliable and scientific data support for product remanufacture. In the latter half of the product, life assessment should be carried out according to the previous remanufacture design, and the most suitable remanufacture method should be selected To provide the best solution for the recycling of products

third, establish the retirement system for construction machinery products. The establishment of this system is a key issue to solve the source of remanufacturing industry chain, a policy guarantee for Remanufacturability and remanufacturing value of remanufactured blanks of construction machinery, and enables users of construction machinery to keep mechanical equipment in a high-efficiency state during construction. This is a win-win measure that benefits the country, enterprises and users

fourth, the standardization and institutionalization of reverse logistics for retired construction machinery products. In order to promote the healthy development of the remanufacture industry of construction machinery, the state has formulated and issued the catalogue of remanufactured products, studied the fiscal and tax preferential policies for the remanufactured products listed in the catalogue, and promoted the banking financial institutions to provide investment and financing services such as credit and guarantee for remanufacture, which has played a great guiding and exemplary role in promoting the development of the remanufacture industry. However, at present, the standardization and institutionalization of reverse logistics for retired construction machinery products is still in its infancy, especially the evaluation of output tax in the repurchase of retired products is still difficult, which has become another important factor affecting the development of the remanufacturing industry of construction machinery

fifth, remanufactured construction machinery products should be included in the government procurement list. The State shall encourage government agencies, institutions, state-owned enterprises and construction enterprises to give priority to purchasing remanufactured products and include remanufactured products of construction machinery in the procurement catalogue

sixth, remanufactured construction machinery products should be treated equally in bidding. Another measure to speed up the entry of remanufactured construction machinery products into the circulation market is that remanufactured products should have the same qualification as new products in the bidding of mechanical equipment and engineering construction, and should be treated equally without discrimination

seventh, give full play to the enthusiasm of all parties under the guidance of the government. The remanufacturing industry of construction machinery is still in the initial stage of development in China. The industrialization of remanufacturing of construction machinery depends on the standardization, guidance and incentive of national policies

give full play to the organization, coordination and guidance of the Construction Machinery Industry Association in the development of remanufacture industry; Give play to the main role of remanufacturing enterprises; Give full play to the technical support and radiation of scientific research institutes; Give play to and encourage the consumer enthusiasm of the user group of remanufactured construction machinery products, and enhance the user's recognition of remanufactured products; Give full play to the driving force of construction machinery agents in the industrial chain; Give play to the bridge role of remanufacturing intermediary institutions

eighth, focus on informatization. Zhangjinxing stressed that product components must have their own unique identification, that is, to strengthen the information construction in remanufacturing. This can not only ensure the first time to provide parts for the maintenance products, but also ensure the remanufacture quality of the products

at the end of the interview, zhangjinxing used two words to describe the development space faced by the construction machinery industry today. These two words are "huge"

zhangjinxing said: "the gene of China's construction machinery industry is innovation. Everything is the first time, and we can only rely on ourselves. However, facing the infinite opportunities in the future, we should have enough confidence. Because, from a piece of white paper to today's world, China's construction machinery industry has this gene and quality."

Zhang Jinxing's words are like talking about the industry and himself. As we said at the beginning, we will always grow together with the industry

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