Zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, delivered a new

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Zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, delivers the 2012 New Year's message

zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, delivers the 2012 New Year's message

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Guide: Kunpeng is making a great effort to send the spring home with boundless wind and rain, and the snow is coming. In the festive and peaceful atmosphere, the calendar has turned a new page. On behalf of Zoomlion, I would like to pay high tribute to all the employees, their families and retired comrades who have worked hard in the past year on this beautiful occasion

Kunpeng is making great efforts to achieve boundless territory

wind and rain send spring home, and snow ushers in spring. In a happy and auspicious atmosphere, the calendar has turned a new page. The other is the AD converter. If the number of bits of the AD converter is low, that is, the resolution is low. On behalf of Zoomlion, I would like to extend high respect and sincere greetings to all the employees, their families and retired comrades who have worked hard for the past year on this beautiful occasion of farewell to the old and welcome the New Year! Send holiday greetings and blessings to leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who have long cared for and supported the development of Zoomlion

looking back on 2011, the motherland is picturesque and the earth is singing. The Communist Party of China is celebrating its 90th birthday. Over the past 90 years, the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people to build a prosperous, prosperous, strong and democratic oriental country through difficulties and twists; In the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, under the extremely unstable global political and economic situation, China actively adjusted its economic structure, changed its development mode, maintained social prosperity and stability and sustained economic growth, created good conditions for the improvement of people's livelihood and enterprise development, and laid a good foundation for future development

looking back on 2011, the people of Zoomlion were surprisingly upright and courageous. We have always adhered to the values of Zoomlion. Under the banner of "integrity, innovation and", we have changed management, innovated technology and integrated resources. The enterprise has achieved sustainable and steady development, created value for shareholders, built a good personal development platform for employees, and contributed to the scientific and technological progress and social development of the industry. This is a good situation created by all Zoomlion people with sweat and hard work, and an outstanding feat forged with faith and unity

our business performance has made another historic breakthrough. All echelon business units of the company are competing with each other. In the case of large market fluctuations, the overall performance of the company still maintains a high growth. We have not only set a new record in the amount of growth, but also achieved a historic breakthrough; What is more valuable is that our business quality and profitability are also improving at the same time. The growth of the company is benign and sustainable. We have broad prospects for future development and unlimited development space

our management and process changes are advancing in depth. Under the situation of the company's growing scale, the rapid progress of internationalization and the complex and changeable external environment, we emphasize the process driven management, comprehensively sort out all aspects of the company's processes, especially the business processes of functional departments, correct inappropriate procedures and simplify unnecessary processes, so that the process oriented management is constantly changing, achieving tighter internal control, more timely services and more in place coordination, Consolidation is more effective

our technology continues to lead the industry trend. Zoomlion has a long history of technology inheritance, which determines that our technology research and development has a higher and mission. We not only need to use more advanced technology to open up broader development space for enterprises, but also are leading the industry trend with independent innovation. In 2011, Zoomlion's technological innovation highlights flashed, and its leading products blossomed everywhere: the successful development of the world's longest carbon fiber boom pump truck is the perfect combination of engineering machinery and cutting-edge material science, as well as the integration of top manufacturing technologies in China and the West; Integrating the full set of technologies of JOST flat head Tower series products, we have the world's most advanced tower crane design technology, and realize the magnificent turn from China's first to the world's leading; Leading products such as 3200 ton crawler crane, the world's largest tonnage single steel wheel vibratory roller, complete sets of kitchen waste resource treatment equipment, etc. all show Zoomlion's R & D and manufacturing strength and technical voice in many fields

we have made important progress in resource integration and overseas sales. Zoomlion and CIFA have achieved technical integration between China and Europe, global integration in procurement, organic superposition in the market, support and cooperation in brand image, and integration between China and Italy in team building. The all-round coordinated development has greatly improved Zoomlion's internationalization index, and has also been widely recognized by the global media and all sectors of society; The international influence of Zoomlion brand is expanding day by day. Our pump trucks are exported to Japan in batches. Environmental sanitation machinery has widely entered the Middle East market. Our sales in overseas markets have grown rapidly and a prairie fire has started

the ROC is lifting, and those who aspire are boundless. The pattern of the global construction machinery industry is constantly rewritten, and the pace of resource integration is accelerating. 2012 is coming to us. Strong wind knows strong grass. Such a changeable era is an era of making contributions and achieving ideals, and also an era of testing the will, confidence and ability of Zoomlion people

therefore, Zoomlion is planning and promoting a profound change

the first thing to change is our thinking, our thinking mode. In the future development, Zoomlion will earnestly implement the concept of "customer-centric", and all our changes will take this as the starting point and the fundamental purpose. Only market recognition and customer recognition can an enterprise have the value and significance of existence. Only when we realize the change of thinking and truly understand this way of serving the enterprise, can we truly act the way of serving the enterprise in action and sublimate our own realm while creating value for customers

we will change the management mode to achieve management advancement. The management level will be streamlined, the business process will be smoother, and the transmission from decision-making to implementation will be more efficient; We will create a marketing system closer to customers, which can not only give the whole company the strength, share resources and coordinate as a whole, but also lose full flexibility to adapt to different situations and provide considerate services to customers

we will transform the R & D system, realize the seamless connection between technology development and market demand, and fully activate the potential of R & D personnel. The implementation of the "customer-centric" concept in the R & D and design process is to make the R & D team fully pay attention to the market demand, fully understand the market demand, integrate the customer demand from the source that nearly 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises have actively applied for the development and design, and judge our work by whether the customer demand has been effectively met. Let R & D work under normal pressure under standard conditions. In the direct interaction with the market, the project team feels the pressure from the market and enjoys the incentive from the market, so as to stimulate innovation, promote the upgrading of products and promote the progress of science and technology in the industry in 2013

we will intensify the training and introduction of talents to gather talents from all over the world. Managing an enterprise means managing talents. The internationalization of an enterprise is, to a large extent, the internationalization of talents; The innovation and competitiveness of enterprises come from the innovation and competitiveness of talents. We will open up the recruitment of new talents, recruit talents and appoint talents, so that the best talents can gather under the banner of Zoomlion; We will continue to improve the quality of existing talents, find and cultivate talents in the operation of major projects, so that compound talents who understand the market, products and management will continue to emerge and take on great responsibilities

we will take capital as the link to comprehensively promote the internationalization process of enterprises. We will continue to increase investment in overseas markets, improve the global network system, stay close to customers and expand overseas markets; We will copy and promote the successful experience of collaborative integration with CIFA, make use of capital advantages, actively strive for greater breakthroughs in overseas resource integration, broaden the scope of going global and increase the depth of transnational operations

in the spring, all things produce brilliance. When the first ray of dawn of the new year breaks through the clouds and fog, new hopes, new opportunities and new challenges are coming. All Zoomlion people will take on the responsibility with the determination of change and the ambition of internationalization and start a new journey in 2012

I wish all Zoomlion people a happy new year and a happy family

I wish friends from all walks of life good luck in the new year and everything wins

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