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Zhangdejin: employees are the main force of ancha group's technological innovation zhangdejin: employees are the main force of ancha group's technological innovation Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ancha group") is the largest industrial vehicle R & D, manufacturing and sales base in China with the most complete industrial chain and the best comprehensive strength and economic benefits. Since 1991, its main economic indicators have remained the first in the same industry in China for 23 consecutive years. In 2009, it ranked among the top eight industrial vehicles in the world and became the first Chinese enterprise to be selected into the top ten in the world. In the world ranking of construction machinery, ancha group has also achieved a good position, and the position is rising

today, when the downturn of construction machinery has become the mainstream, what has supported the sustained, healthy and rapid development of anzha group? Zhangdejin, the helmsman of anzha group, gave the answer. Zhangdejin said that since the establishment of the enterprise in 1958, anzha group has always insisted on taking employees as the main force of technological innovation and management innovation

create a rising channel for all employees

in any enterprise, the talent echelon is pyramid shaped, and the higher the number, the less the number. Then the number of senior management positions is limited, and employees at different positions and levels have their own strengths. How to make a large number of ordinary employees obtain a sense of material and spiritual satisfaction and value in their own jobs is a difficult problem in enterprise human resource management

ancha group has established the Education Committee of the whole group since the 1990s, which consists of five professional groups: skill group, technology group, management group, ideological and political group and marketing group. The group leader serves as the director of the education committee, and the leader in charge serves as the leader of each professional group. The principals of each branch, business division (workshop) or functional department respectively serve as the "first head teacher" of the secondary organization of education and training. Level by level management and level by level responsibility

on the basis of the professional group, there are four rising channels for employees' career development and growth, namely, production sequence, management sequence, technology sequence and marketing sequence. Each sequence is also planned in detail. For example, the production sequence is divided into technician level 2, level 1, deputy senior technician and senior technician. The four rising channels are interconnected. After employees become the backbone of each sequence, the enterprise selects the best as the backup cadre

in addition, through annual application and selection, anzha group has set up a platform to display the achievements of personnel at various posts in terms of management progress, scientific and technological progress, spiritual civilization, double growth and double saving, quality management and QC achievements, so as to promote the success of posts

good incentive and restraint mechanism and growth channel have made the employees of anzha group have a better sense of belonging. In recent years, the employee turnover rate of anzha group is less than two thousandths

do everything possible to increase all kinds of talent training

people oriented is the core value of anzha group. Increasing all kinds of professional and technical talent training through various forms and channels is the growth password of anzha group. A forklift training base has been established in Anhui electromechanical vocational and technical college, and ancha group has set up "Heli electromechanical integration junior college class" and "Heli automotive electronics junior college class"; In Anhui, for example, the encouraging policies for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the University of architecture and Anhui University of engineering set up joint marketing classes; Jointly hold master's and doctoral programs in engineering with Hefei University of technology and University of science and technology of China; It has carried out in-depth cooperation with Anhui University of Engineering on "joint training of postgraduates, education of academic degrees of on-the-job personnel, internship and employment base, embedded laboratory, industry university research cooperation, and establishment of Scholarships"

ancha group holds technician classes, technical secondary school classes and junior college classes all year round, providing a large number of qualified talents for the production line. In 2013, anzha group completed a total of 399 sub items of 52 major items of first-class training, with a total number of 10181 person times and 4443 class hours; There are 719 secondary training courses, 22297 person times and 2105 class hours. In addition, anzha group has also set up a networking college, which follows the principles of practicality, practicality and effectiveness, innovates training methods, and jointly holds 8 business administration training courses to improve the ability of managers. In 2013, there were more than 1000 courses in the network College of anzha group, and a total of 878 managers participated in the study

anzha group also promotes the training of highly skilled talents in the company by "training people through competition". Since 1992, employees have been organized to hold post technical operation games in the form of simulated sports competitions. The winners will be rewarded and recorded in the archives as an important basis for promotion, promotion and selection of talents. It has been held every two years for more than 20 years, forming a unique training mode for skilled talents. In addition, anzha group has also actively undertaken or organized employees to participate in national professional competitions, and achieved excellent results in the competitions. In 2013, ancha group organized the "Heli Cup" national second engineering machinery repairman (forklift) vocational skills competition; At the same time, on behalf of Anhui Province, anzha group has participated in the national workers' vocational skills competition, numerical control competition, youth vocational skills competition and other competitions for many times, and has achieved good results for many times. Through the competition, a group of young technical experts have emerged in ankha, and a large number of top-notch skilled talents with knowledge, technology and innovation have been cultivated

two major innovations improve the quality of employees

Zhang Dejin believes that most domestic enterprises are ranked according to sales revenue, which does not really reflect the competitiveness of enterprises. "The growth in volume does not represent the strength of an enterprise's competitiveness. Just as a person's weight does not represent a person's health." As an enterprise focusing on the production of industrial vehicles, the profit margin of ancha group is among the best not only in this industry, but also in the whole construction machinery industry. The reason is inseparable from the company's core values of "people-oriented, high-quality products to repay the society". Ancha group has comprehensively improved the quality of its employees by taking technological innovation and management innovation as the breakthrough

Zhang Dejin believes that the company still faces some problems in terms of technological innovation. Although the country established a technological innovation system in 1994 and 1995, in which enterprises are the main production runway and new materials are favored by the market, which shows that innovation is the main principle, it has not well connected R & D resources with enterprise applications. Enterprises need the application, marketization and commercialization of technology to obtain business benefits, which is the essence of enterprise management. The scientific research institutions have seen the results of theoretical papers based on the flow of five small and long holidays over the years. Therefore, the coupling degree of the two interfaces is relatively low at present

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