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Wallpaper has also become a part of modern decoration. It is not as troublesome as painting, nor as simple as solid color paint. With the decoration of wallpaper, home decoration has become richer

wallpaper has also become a part of modern decoration. It is not as troublesome as painting, nor as simple as solid color paint. With the decoration of wallpaper, home decoration has become richer

1. Plastic wallpaper:

this is a common wallpaper in the market at present. Most of the plastics used are PVC (or polyethylene), which is referred to as PVC plastic wallpaper for short. Plastic wallpapers are usually divided into: ordinary wallpapers, foam wallpapers, etc. Each category is divided into several varieties, and each variety is further divided into various colors. Ordinary wallpaper is made of 80 g/m2 paper, coated with PVC paste resin of about 100 g/m2, and then printed and embossed. This kind of wallpaper is often divided into flat printing, bright printing, monochrome embossing and printing embossing

2. Foamed Wallpaper:

foamed wallpaper is made by using 100g/m2 paper as the base material, coating 300 ~ 400g/m2 PVC paste resin mixed with foaming agent, and foaming after printing. This kind of wallpaper is thicker and softer than ordinary wallpaper. Among them, the surface of high foaming wallpaper is elastic concave convex; Low foaming wallpaper is printed with patterns on the foaming plane, such as relief, wood grain, ceramic tile and other effects

3. Pure paper wallpaper:

it is mainly processed from grass, bark, etc. and modern high-end new natural reinforced wood pulp (including 10% wood fiber). The design and color are natural, generous, simple, and the pasting technology is simple. It is not easy to curl, blister, no smell, high environmental protection performance, and strong permeability. It is a special wallpaper designated for European children's rooms, especially the modern new reinforced wood pulp wallpaper is more scrub resistant, antistatic No dust collection and other features

4. Natural effect wallpaper

it is a wallpaper with a surface layer made of grass, wood, leaves, etc. its style is simple and natural, simple and elegant, with a strong flavor of life, giving people the feeling of returning to simplicity and authenticity

5. Wood fiber wallpaper

this kind of wallpaper has superior performance and overcomes the shortcomings of many wallpapers. It is a classic and practical high-end wallpaper. It is made of wood refined fiber silk surface or polyester extracted from special trees in northern Europe, and adopts matte pigments (extracted from flowers and flax), which is soft and natural, easy to match with furniture, and has a wide variety of designs and colors; There is no chemical damage to the human body, and the air permeability is good. The moisture and moisture of the wall can pass through the wallpaper; If you use it for a long time, you won't feel suffocated, which is what we often say “ Breathing wallpaper ”, It is the first choice of healthy home. It is durable and can be scrubbed with water or cleaned with a brush. The tensile effect is 8-10 times better than that of ordinary wallpaper. Mold proof, moisture-proof, moth proof, and its service life is 2-3 times that of ordinary wallpaper

6. Metal wallpaper:

rich, elegant, noble and gorgeous, which is the experience that metal wallpaper brings us. However, usually this feeling can only be enjoyed in hotels, restaurants or nightclubs. A small part of the wall with special effect of modern home is used

this kind of metal wallpaper is made of gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum and other metals. After special treatment, it is made into thin sheets and pasted on the surface of the wallpaper. The lines formed by this kind of wallpaper are quite rough and unrestrained. The whole piece of wallpaper used on the wall may be tacky, but if it is properly embellished, it can bring out a kind of dazzling and Avantgarde

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