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For nearly a hundred years, steel windows have been and are still the first choice of architects. The elegance of steel windows is difficult to match in other types of materials! Now, rilang doors and windows take you quietly to enjoy the beauty of steel windows

in Europe from the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century, wrought iron windows (steel windows) were produced by hand in blacksmith workshops. The production was expensive and labor-intensive. Wrought iron windows have been used in churches, city halls and other buildings symbolizing authority throughout the 18th century

modern architectural doors and windows in China developed in the 20th century. Metal doors and windows represented by steel windows have a history of 100 years in China. In 1911, steel windows were introduced into China, mainly from Britain, Belgium and Japan, and concentrated in the "leasehold" of coastal port cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Dalian. In 1925, China's Shanghai national industry began to produce steel doors and windows in small quantities, but due to the domestic and international environment at that time, until the founding of new China, there were only more than 20 small workshops

after the founding of new China, steel window enterprises in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and other places have established large production bases for steel doors and windows. Due to the high strength of steel windows; The material has small section and high light transmittance; Large daylighting coefficient can be obtained; Strong and durable; Good fire prevention ability; And it can effectively reduce wood consumption, so it has been widely used in industrial buildings and public buildings

steel windows have become an inseparable sign of "Shanghai style culture"

for nearly a century, steel windows have been and are still the first choice of Architects - especially when its function is not just to close a hole in the wall, but to make a significant contribution to the characteristics and overall appearance of the building

because the minimalist aesthetics of steel and its ability to shape windows are unique. Its slender lines seem to reduce the weight, bring lightness to the frame, and emphasize the transparency of the facade at the same time. This elegance is difficult to match in other types of wood

in some renovation projects, many Shanghai style buildings still retain the steel windows of their original buildings, preserving the original flavor of culture and history to the greatest extent

▽ the first floor of the Bund, Asia Building

was built in 1916, with a height of 7 floors. It was the highest building on the Bund at that time. On the whole, it was in neoclassical style

▽ HSBC Building No. 12 on the Bund

was built in 1912. Architectural style: the building is three horizontal and three vertical. It is a standard "Three-stage". Scholars call this building as a whole Roman Renaissance architecture

▽ Shanghai Liberation Daily building

year of Construction: 1933, year of repair of doors and windows: 2015 (repaired by rilang doors and windows), the building is a combination of Chinese and Western architectural style

do you think that steel windows just stay in historical buildings

steel windows have long not only stayed in the restoration of historic buildings, but also can be easily realized in any style of space: Industrial style, Nordic style, modern minimalism, retro style, or natural style

▽ industrial style

▽ Nordic style

▽ modern minimalism

▽ retro style

▽ natural wind

rilang doors and windows

we have been committed to the repair of doors and windows of modern historical protection buildings for 12 years, and we are also the only enterprise and institution of China Cultural Relics Protection Technology Association - Modern and contemporary building protection committee in the industry. Our products have been recognized by 8 domestic patents. In 2015, it reached the only strategic cooperation with Swiss ottostumm steel system door and window company to jointly develop steel system door and window products

over the years, our "imported steel window products" and "slender aluminum alloy bridge broken aluminum door and window products" have been widely used in classical British architecture, classical French architecture, modern Shikumen architecture in Shanghai and modern villa housing design projects, reflecting the excellent quality and core technical capabilities of rilang products, and also providing excellent solutions for challenging projects





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