Yafei wall cloth is high-grade gray purple, deep,

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High grey + purple, deep, implicit and free and easy, unique elegance, like the water ballet under the night, the light and shadow crisscross in the cold and beautiful, exquisite visual sense gushes out

entering the world of high-level grey + purple, you will find that the style it presents greatly fascinates your mind: there is dignity from nature, there is luxury from fashion, there is elegance deep into the bone marrow, and there is elegance supreme to classics...

high-level grey + Purple

deep, implicit and free and easy

unique elegance

like water ballet under the night

cold and beautiful in the intersection of light and shadow Exquisite visual sense gushes out

not publicized

let the vision achieve perfect balance

calm self-control

soothing elegance

sometimes a little calm feeling

but people like it more and more

living room

choose affair Yafei wallcovering l8-24. The space is surrounded by a low-key and elegant gray base, with purple and gentle decoration, filled with a trace of romantic charm. The purple pillows on the sofa are embellished, just like the decorative notes cleverly arranged on the music score, making the melody of the space slow and flexible. The hanging picture on the wall is a wanton blend of colors, relaxed and happy, light and elegant pleasure, which naturally permeates every corner


the restaurant space shows a simple and elegant artistic flavor in details. The walls with mottled retro patterns are matched with geometric triangle Roland purple and suede lilac purple dining chairs, so that a French elegant tranquility jumps in the space. Coupled with affair Yafei wallcovering l8-14, it makes sense and emotion collide, and it is particularly exquisite under the light lighting of wind chimes and feathers

master bedroom

when entering the master bedroom, the decoration disappears and is replaced by space and light to deep color language - smoke powder, taro purple, purplish red. The color tone is promoted layer by layer, and it is intertwined with the vocabulary of materials, so that the lingering charm of beauty is radiated from the gradual rhythm. Affair Yafei wallcovering l8-35 is selected, and metal ornaments and painting ornaments outlining dreamy colors are matched in the space. The implicit beauty is quietly born in it, whispering the immortal romantic poetry of the space

children's room

talking Mr. rabbit, magical pumpkin car, magical wardrobe... In a mysterious purple space, create a wonderful world of dreams and colors. Coupled with affair Yafei wallpaper x8725, the house is full of dots and dots to illuminate children's dreams, like an opened three-dimensional fairy tale book, which virtually makes children's dreams full, beautiful and sweet

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