Picasso's famous paintings handed down from genera

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Picasso's famous paintings are made by ordinary architectural coatings

Picasso's biography that all walks of life, including the paper packaging industry chain, are facing major changes. World famous paintings are made by ordinary architectural coatings

February 25, 2013

[Chinese coating information] scientists said, They used a high-energy X-ray instrument to solve a long-standing dispute: which kind of pigment is used in Picasso's famous paintings

Volker rose, a physicist at Argonne National Laboratory in the United States, answered: ordinary architectural coatings. The relevant research he presided over was published in the journal Applied Physics A: materials science processing

Dr. Ross said, "we studied the white pigment powder used by Picasso. From the material point of view, it is zinc oxide. And we also studied the impurities contained in it."

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Picasso's famous paintings are made by ordinary architectural coatings

scientists also purchased samples of architectural coatings produced decades ago from eBay. They compared these samples with PIGA's pigment regularly coated with a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) grease rope, and determined that the chemical components of the two were the same

the instrument used by scientists is a hard X-ray nano detector. This instrument was developed by the Department of energy to enable scientists to carefully observe the chemical composition of physical materials, so as to promote the production of high-performance materials and energy. Using this nano detector, researchers can observe pigment particles with a particle size of only 30 nm. (an ordinary piece of paper is 100000 nanometers thick.)

Dr. Ross uses this instrument to study zinc oxide in his daily work. Zinc oxide is the key raw material for batteries, energy-saving windows and computer and TV LCD. It also exists in white pigments, which provides a valuable clue for Dr. Ross to understand Picasso's pigments

for a long time, some art historians believed that Picasso was one of the first important artists to change from traditional pigments to architectural coatings. Architectural coatings are more affordable, and the painting is smooth and smooth without brush marks


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