Caterpillar story of the hottest two generations

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Two generations of caterpillar story

John mashak's enthusiasm for caterpillar's yellow machine began 65 years ago. This 79 year old man was a 15-year-old boy at that time. At that time, he and his brother Rudy used a caterpillar 15 bulldozer to do some winter logging work on the local ranch in his hometown of Michigan

Mashak recalled, "it was a good bulldozer. It could still operate even at minus 35 to minus 40 degrees. This machine is also very durable in harsh environments." So as to ensure that the experimental machine can run continuously for a long time. In his impression, it should be a model launched in 1933 or 1934

caterpillar story of two generations

as time goes by, the brothers have participated in more and more projects - initially starting with land clearing and soil conservation. In the mid-1950s, they established their own company that affected the service life of parts. Now some goods are marked with the word "green package": mashak brothers excavation contractor company, and their cat (Carter) equipment fleet is also growing. Mashak recalled that the fleet included D4 and d8H bulldozers, 225 and 416 backhoe loaders, a 12 grader and a 627 scraper. Every time he needs to buy equipment, his first choice is always caterpillar

mashak said, "caterpillar products are high-quality and durable, requiring little maintenance. Cat equipment has always been known for accurate slope control, good handling and easy operation. This will cause local stress concentration, and if you want to sell it again, you can always get the highest income, which explains some problems."

in the 60 years of operation of the company, mashak has cooperated with several cat dealers, including Brebner, Kramer, fabco and fabick. The name of the agent may have changed, but mashak said that their service quality has never changed

"They have always provided excellent product support. No matter what type of equipment it is, we can always get good service. If we call the agent before 3 p.m., we will receive the parts they sent in the drop box before 6 a.m. the next day.

although the two brothers are almost retired now, they still have a cat D3 bulldozer and a 426 excavator loader, and they also receive some private goods from time to time Live. John mashak passed on his love for caterpillar. His son, also known as John, has worked at caterpillar for two years

the mashak family member who obtained his father's inheritance said, "As a native of Michigan, many of my friends in college hope to work in the three major local automobile companies, which is largely related to the first car they drive or like. But for me, the situation is a little different. The first 'communication tool' I 'drive' is a cat D3. Cat equipment grew up with me, and I got a degree in mechanical engineering from University, which makes me feel like Caterpillar Le is the perfect choice for me. "

his father agreed. "I have always known that caterpillar is a good company, and there are many opportunities all over the world."

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