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A new type of environment-friendly tableware came out in Shaanxi

a new high-tech environment-friendly tableware product that can be quickly degraded after use, light biological double degradation tableware products, recently came out in Shaanxi Yao county Hengyuan Industrial Company

this degradable tableware is developed and produced by Yaoxian Hengyuan Industrial Company. It can completely solve the problem of "white pollution" caused by the long-term non decomposition of ordinary plastic foam tableware

Price competition is fierce. According to relevant experts, the advent of this degradable tableware is a new breakthrough in purifying the living environment and improving the quality of life. At present, the product has been inspected by the environmental protection, quality supervision and health departments of Shaanxi Province, and all physical and chemical indicators have reached the national hygienic standards for food utensils. It has been determined by Shaanxi Environmental Protection Bureau as the only food utensils product recommended to the province

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