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The purchase of new environment-friendly coatings needs to polish your eyes

it costs tens of thousands of yuan to buy building materials for decoration, but in the face of endless materials such as paint, floor and ceramic tile, consumers often face a dilemma of difficult choice. Which brand to choose? Which function and design to choose? A little carelessness will lead to "misunderstanding". Don't be confused. Here is the most comprehensive, fashionable and healthy building materials consumption information

paint accounts for 80% of the whole decoration area, which almost determines the overall decoration effect and living environment, and directly affects the health of families. The importance of coatings can be seen from this, but in the purchase of various products in the market, the concepts of "clean taste", "zero formaldehyde"... Are dazzling. How to choose

the familiar coatings are mainly water-soluble coatings and emulsion paints, which are also the most used at present, but there are also some new coatings with outstanding environmental protection and decorative effects, which are welcomed by more and more consumers

diatom mud coating

like water-based paint, the new diatom mud coating is pollution-free. Diatom mud is composed of diatomite and other natural inorganic materials. It is light, soft, porous, and has strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties. Therefore, it has the characteristics of purifying air, eliminating odor, sterilization and disinfection, respiratory humidity regulation, ultra long service life, wall self-cleaning, sound absorption and noise reduction, heat insulation and energy conservation, fire prevention and flame retardance, Truly realize green environmental protection. Not only that, diatom mud has the characteristics of wallpaper patterns, but also can create a natural feeling of returning to nature for the room

in addition, the service life of diatom mud can be as long as 20 years. A 100 square meter house is decorated with walls. The cost of diatom mud is about 10000 yuan. Although it is a little expensive, it benefits for life. It is the water absorption and permeability of interior wall coating insulation materials with high cost performance

art paint

nowadays, there is also a kind of art paint with strong decoration in the home decoration exhibition and building materials market, also known as "liquid wallpaper". It is painted on the wall with putty emulsion paint, and uses a special mold to paint various patterns. It can also make wallpaper like colorful patterns, especially suitable for screens and flashlight pools, and can also imitate three-dimensional patterns such as metal, water wave, wood grain, stone, etc, Bring a distinctive artistic effect to the bedroom wall

this product overcomes the shortcomings of single color of emulsion paint, easy foaming, edge warping and short service life of wallpaper. It has the characteristics of non-toxic and environmental protection. At the same time, it also has the functions of waterproof, dustproof and flame retardant. Art paint is usually used in porch, TV background wall, corridor column, bar counter and ceiling, which can produce extremely elegant effect

according to the complexity of the pattern, the price of art paint is between 35 yuan and 220 yuan/square meter (contract labor and materials), which is relatively affordable

nano paint

in sunny and hot days, the windows will be baked for a long time, and the room will be steaming. However, applying a thin layer of energy-saving nano paint on the glass can prevent sunscreen and heat insulation, and reduce the indoor temperature by about 6 ℃ - 8 ℃. This new energy-saving and environmental protection product is gradually favored by high-end customers

according to the characterization of material properties, the biggest feature of nano coatings is that they have self-cleaning function, can prevent mold and sterilization, effectively remove indoor decoration pollution, decompose formaldehyde, phenylammonia, VOC and other harmful gases, release negative ions, purify indoor air, and truly improve the living environment. Its particle size is small, which can go deep into the wall and coordinate with silicate substances on the wall, so that it is firmly integrated into one, with strong adhesion, and is not sticky to water or oil. About 100 yuan per square meter

porcelain like coating

in recent years, another kind of porcelain like coating has appeared. Its surface is delicate, as smooth as porcelain, and it does not remove powder, is non-toxic, tasteless, and has good permeability. It looks very elegant, bright, and refreshing. However, the construction process of this kind of coating is complicated. If the surface of porcelain like coating is not coated with finish coating, the finish is easy to be polluted and should not be removed

it is understood that the porcelain like coating is made of talc powder and other mineral powder mixed with glue. The texture is relatively soft, and the surface is very smooth. After scraping on the wall, it can achieve the effect similar to the surface of white ceramic tiles by hard compaction. Therefore, "porcelain like" is named. And its price is not high

in a word, there are many kinds of coatings. When purchasing, we must recognize the function and decorative effect, and choose coatings with high brand awareness and large advertising investment, such as Dulux, Nippon, carlys, etc. such coatings pay more attention to reputation, and the quality is guaranteed. Try to buy paint in specialty stores or large stores

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