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On May 23, the Shanghai Office of Shaanxi Automobile Huning Co., Ltd. and Shanghai New Shaanxi Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. held a grand "2015 Thanksgiving feedback all the way to the world, appreciation of fine products, group purchase in May and order meeting of waste trucks" in Shanghai, The atmosphere at the event was warm and crowded, and 307 orders were finally obtained, bringing a new green to the muck truck market in Shanghai

Shanghai land transportation management office, Shanghai Transportation Commission, Shaanxi heavy truck sales company in Hengshanqiao squadron of Wujin District Environmental Supervision Brigade, Weichai Power Shanghai office, FASI gear Shanghai Service Office, Henan juntong Vehicle Co., Ltd., East China region of xinhongchang heavy industry group, East China marketing center of Haiwo machinery (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd., Shaanxi CCCC Tianjian car service information technology Co., Ltd., shang4 Electronic tensile testing machine is divided from experimental materials: suitable for metal experiments and non-metal experiments; More than 350 people, including haichengsheng Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai junxu Transportation Co., Ltd., Deutsche Bank Finance Leasing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Waigaoqiao branch of postal savings bank, Shanghai Pudong New Area Environmental Sanitation Association, Shanghai New Shaanxi Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. and customers, attended the order meeting

with the attention paid by the state to environmental protection, the disadvantages of "throwing, sprinkling, leaving and leaking" of old-fashioned muck trucks are very prominent, and they have also become one of the persistent diseases of the city. For this reason, Shanghai has accelerated the pace of eliminating and updating old muck trucks. The power, intelligence and convenience of maintenance services of muck trucks have become necessary conditions for regional muck truck users to buy cars

the new environment-friendly muck truck of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. displayed at the order meeting is low-carbon, energy-saving, intelligent and safe. It integrates the "golden partner" configuration of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. such as Weichai Power, fast gearbox, hande axle, etc., and has the characteristics of low emission, tight sealing, no spilling, no omission, no soil accumulation, fine management, no blind spots, high safety, and provides customers with comprehensive solutions. Its intelligent five-way camera, blind area radar monitoring, voice alarm and other equipment have greatly improved the safety of drivers and passengers

the atmosphere of the activity was extremely hot. The rich interactive experience activities made the scene laugh constantly. The guests learned about the performance of the new environmental protection muck truck of Shaanxi Automobile in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. At the event site, zhanghongtao, general manager of Shanghai New Shaanxi Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., awarded the medal of good faith cooperation to the regular customers that ③ the manufacturing technology and utilization of nano nylon will be rapidly developed, and announced the on-site car ordering promotion policy, which made the guests' car ordering momentum stronger, and finally sold 307 vehicles

the order meeting of Shaanxi Automobile environmental protection muck truck was held in the context of the government's yellow for green policy and the new policy of new environmental protection muck truck, which are widely used nationwide. As Liu Xiangtao, deputy general manager of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company, said, "Shaanxi Auto will fully support the renewal of yellow standard cars in Shanghai, so that the sky in Shanghai is bluer and the water is greener. Shaanxi Auto will work together with customers to win-win cooperation, deliver more excellent products for our customers, provide more satisfactory services for the safe operation of all vehicles, and make the greatest contribution to the beautiful Shanghai."

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