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North China industrial control newly launched epic specification embedded motherboard EMB

North China industrial control newly launched high-performance, low-power epic specification embedded motherboard emb-4850 according to the needs of customers. This new product supports Intel Core 2 Duo processor and adopts Intel 945gm+ich7m chipset, which has better performance and larger memory. It is suitable for medical treatment, testing instruments, industrial imaging, video surveillance and other fields

emb-4850 motherboard adopts Intel 945gm+ich7m chipset, Beiqiao Intel 945GM integrated display controller (GMA950), and Intel DVMT 3.0 supports 224mb video memory. In this way, the interests of buyers can be maximized. VGA, LVDS and plastic products are supported everywhere. TV-out output. Vga+lvds and lvds+tv-out can be used at the same time to achieve independent dual display and give people a better visual effect. 2x8header is used to support 7.1ch, MIC and line-in audio, with high fax sound effect. Two 200pin dual channel DDRII SO-DIMM sockets are provided on the board, supporting memory up to 2G

the emb-4850 motherboard of North China industrial control provides a standard pc104+ expansion interface, which is conducive to the flexibility of expansion in industrial applications. In terms of power supply, the emb-4850 motherboard adopts 12V single power supply. In addition, the emb-4850 motherboard is equipped with two SATA II connectors, and the data transmission speed reaches 300MB/s. There are 2 Gigabit PCIe_ 1X Ethernet, and provides ESD protection

product features:

◆ support Intel Core 2 Duo processor

◆ adopt Intel 945gm+ich7m chipset

◆ memory 1 200pin DDRII SO-DIMM socket, support DDRII 400/533 MHz, and the maximum capacity can reach 2g

◆ Intel 945GM integrated display controller (GMA950), support VGA, LVDS, TV-out output, vga+lvds, Lvds+tv-out can be used simultaneously to achieve independent dual display

◆ Realtek alc887.1 channel high fidelity sound effect

◆ two Realtek 8111b Gigabit PCIe_ 1X network controller

◆ 8-way GPIO programmable input and output interface

◆ there is oil stain, dirt on the 2C gear shank or the upper limit plate of the shank is pressed too tightly om/4usb/2sata Ⅱ/2lan/pc104+

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