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Caterpillar helps you go all the way home during the Spring Festival transportation

the Spring Festival is an important time to reunite with family members, and it is also a traditional festival that has been passed on for more than 4000 years. The longing for their families has hampered the hearts of the wandering children, and also strengthened their belief in returning home for reunion. The approach of the Spring Festival has opened the world's largest annual population migration - Spring Festival travel. Every year from the 15th day of the twelfth lunar month to the 25th day of the first lunar month, wandering children take trains, cars or planes to and from their homes and cities where they work. In these 40 days, the Spring Festival transportation is a great challenge to the transportation capacity, and also a severe test to the transportation infrastructure carrying these

since entering China from cold to hot for more than 40 years, caterpillar has been committed to working with Chinese partners to help China's infrastructure construction. Caterpillar has participated in many large-scale infrastructure projects to help improve the affordability of transportation infrastructure and pave the "road" for wandering children to return home

take off from here on the way home

for more than 40 years, caterpillar products have participated in many airport construction projects, including terminal 2 of Beijing Capital Airport. Behind terminal 2, which has a reception capacity of more than 26 million people and a construction area of 336000 square meters, there is a Carter excavator, loader and various engineering machinery and equipment working constantly. Nowadays, planes take off and land at domestic airports, which means that many foreigners who are looking forward to reunion have been sent back to their homes. Frequent inbound and outbound passengers and flights make the airport even busier during the Spring Festival transportation. Many people who are wandering abroad take off from here and set foot on their way home

way home, take off from here

tips for air travel

there are many passengers during the Spring Festival transportation, so it is advisable to arrive at the airport early

pay close attention to flight dynamics and understand flight changes as soon as possible

know the weather at the destination and pay attention to adding or removing clothes

the speed of high-speed rail shortens the distance between home

among major cities and transportation hubs, caterpillar products participate in the construction of high-speed rail routes and railway stations. The high-speed railway network woven by the rumbling of many equipment connects not only cities, but also wandering children and the homes they miss day and night. The continuous development of China's railways has shortened the distance between cities and shortened the way home for tourists during the Spring Festival. With the beginning of the Spring Festival transportation, the major railway stations are packed with people. Behind the crowd are hearts longing for reunion

railway travel tips

be careful when getting on and off the train, and keep a distance from congestion

improve safety awareness and prevent strangers from chatting up

take care of your luggage and don't relax and sleep

climb mountains and build roads leading to hometown

in China, there are many roads circling between mountains, with quiet villages on one end and noisy cities on the other. Meanwhile, the terrain is dangerous, and the construction difficulty is beyond imagination. Caterpillar's products have participated in many highway construction projects, building winding roads and magnificent bridges. With the desire to go home, or driving a car, or taking a bus sheet, trekking through mountains and rivers, wind and rain, just to reunite with the loved ones concerned day and night. Roads and bridges connect cities and towns, and also connect cities and villages in a more detailed way, so that the distance between home is closer

climb mountains and build roads leading to home

road travel tips

stagger peak travel, and reasonably arrange travel time from 23105 vo60 to more than 200 5 vo60

friends who drive by themselves should check the car condition before going out, and don't drive tiredly

take care of your luggage and belongings

no matter which mode of transportation you choose to go home, we hope you can safely and smoothly return to your loved ones, reunite with them, and spend a happy Spring Festival

on the way home, caterpillar helps you move forward

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