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[new era, new as a new chapter] once barren land, now it has become a well-off village: Villagers start their own businesses and embark on the "hardware" Fumin road

spacious and clean cement roads, lush green woodlands, rows of farmhouses... Entering niansi village in the southwest of lvsigang Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, it seems to be a paradise

"niansizhong village is the famous origin of Qidong electric tools development. The earliest leader engaged in electric tools came from our village. Almost every household in the village has people engaged in work related to the industrial chain of electric tools." As soon as he entered the village committee, Wu Yonghua, Secretary of the general Party branch of the village, proudly introduced the situation in the village to us

the barren land in the past has now become a well-off village. This change is entirely due to the villagers' independent entrepreneurship and embarking on the road of enriching the people with hardware. Wuyonghua introduced that niansi village, with a population of 2450, has 19 village groups, with a total cultivated land area of more than 2130 mu, and less than 1 mu per capita. Because of the barren land, at the beginning of reform and opening up, niansizhong village people, who were still "using the wind path switching method to introduce the temperature into the test area in a way that the soil and water are difficult to support one party", relied on their character of fighting and daring to win, from hardware repair and sales to power tool manufacturing, teachers with apprentices, relatives and friends, and pioneered a way to get rich all over the world. Zhang Weibing, 78, was the first group of people in the village to engage in the repair of electric tools. He excitedly introduced his entrepreneurial history: "because my family was poor, I went out to find a way in the late 1970s. At first, I repaired an abacus. Later, when I saw someone in the village repairing electric tools to make money, I changed my profession to repair electric tools." Speaking of his experience in those years, Zhang Weibing was very impressed. At that time, repairing an abacus earned only 50 cents, while repairing an electric tool earned 29 yuan. With a deep study, he repeatedly disassembled and installed it, slowly mastered the working principle and structural technology of electric tools, and then slowly engaged in the electric tool industry. Later, more people in the village learned repair techniques from the master. After a year and a half, he became a master. With this fake piano black paint and translucent translucent acrylic resin and other modified plastic samples, the master took apprentices, relatives, relatives, friends and neighbors. More and more villagers embarked on this road to prosperity

in a magnificent villa in niansizong village, we met Tao Shuishui, who was directing workers to deliver goods. He was the son-in-law of Zhang Weibing, chairman of Shanghai Feigao electric tools Co., Ltd., and also an apprentice brought out by Zhang Weibing. Tao Shuishui first learned the repair technology of electric tools from his master, and also worked as an agent to sell electric tools. Later, he founded his own company in Shanghai. Because the power tool industry in his hometown is complete, he built a distribution workshop in his old house to provide assembly services for the products of Shanghai company. "The company is not greedy. It only makes electric tools for drilling series, and it can easily make tens of millions of output value every year." Tao Shuishui said

from repairing to selling accessories, and then to producing complete machines, villagers help each other and continue to explore and innovate, and the road to prosperity is getting wider and wider. Wuyonghua said that Gu Zhiping of Dongcheng company and Zhang Guoqiang of Guoqiang company all went out of niansi village. Many villagers in the village switched to the electric tool industry, which is the result of mutual help and common promotion

guzhiping, the boss of Dongcheng electric tools Co., Ltd., was once engaged in the sales of electric tool parts in Shanghai in the late 1980s, and he was also one of the capable people who returned home to start a business. Gu Zhiping said, "if you are rich, you should also make your hometown people rich. The best way is to run enterprises to promote farmers' employment and wealth, and also to make them affordable houses and cars." Guoqiang electric tools Co., Ltd., which is now cooperating with Stanley, a world top 500 enterprise, was founded in 1986. It is one of the professional manufacturers of complete electric tools, rotating stators, gears and other products in lvsigang Town, Qidong City. ZhangGuoQiang, the founder of the company, also started his business in electric tool stores in other places. After the establishment of the enterprise, more than 1000 local farmers were employed

in the evening of July 30, Cheng Jinjin came home from work in Dongcheng company. After graduating from junior high school, Cheng Jinjin, 27, sold electric tools in Hunan with her family. Last year, Cheng Jinjin returned to Lv Si's hometown to work in the electric drill workshop of Dongcheng company. The monthly salary is about 4000-5000 yuan, and there are some subsidies. In addition, when working overtime during busy hours, 6000 people earn more than 6000 yuan a month when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, which is higher than the salary outside. "My family is also engaged in the sales of electric tools. They learned technology very early under the influence, so it is easy to get started when they go home to work." Cheng Jinjin said, "now my husband and relatives continue to explore the market in Hunan and further expand and strengthen Qidong's power tools."

"according to the statistical data of the village, 1320 of the 2450 people in the village are out, most of whom are engaged in work related to electric tools, either opening companies, stores for sales, or maintenance." Wuyonghua introduced. Among the remaining 1130 people, most are elderly people and women over the age of 70, and one third of them work in nearby electric tool enterprises. It can be said that the whole village is engaged in the electric tool industry

hardware brings rich villagers. Liang Fengzhu, the village accountant, said with a smile that Dongcheng and Guoqiang are the two most successful enterprises. In fact, there are no less than 100 big and small bosses who go out and get rich by hardware in the village. Although this is to make the equipment have a longer service life in the village now, those beautiful small Western-style buildings are now closed. When it comes to the Spring Festival, BMW and Mercedes Benz are parked in every courtyard. Moreover, every year, these successful people will donate money to the village to develop and build public welfare undertakings and improve the ecological living environment. (Yin Xueping, Huang Yanming)

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