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The new Engel e-mac series injection molding machine is extended to low tonnage clamping force

all electric, high-precision, pull rod free

Guangzhou, China, may 2013 - at the 2013 Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition, Engel will display the new small-scale pull rod free all electric injection molding machine in its e-mac series injection molding machine. During the four-day exhibition, Engel will demonstrate the production of micro connectors by e-mac30tl injection molding machine on the Engel booth in hall 4.1, highlighting its unparalleled production efficiency

the new Engel e-mac30tl injection molding machine with a mold locking force of 30 tons is designed according to the new pull rod free principle. The fully electric Engel e-mac series equipment with low clamping force applies the advantages of many mature vicotry series injection molding machines of Engel. Engel's pull rod free technology can maximize the mold space. Because there is no pull rod to block, the die fixed pressing plate can make full use of the machine, which is certainly the simplest and most basic thing. All the space at the edge of the tool; Inserting and injection molding parts can be carried out directly from the side, so it will not cause any waste of time; Free access to the mold locking area can also improve the mold change speed

by integrating pull rod free technology and all electric drive technology, Engel can ensure to meet the three essential needs of the electronic communication industry, namely, excellent accuracy, extremely low energy consumption and maximum flexibility. Its typical uses include high-precision optical components and micro plug-in connectors. During the Chinaplas exhibition, Engel will demonstrate to the audience that the new machine is used to produce 60 pin board to board high-speed connectors in 16 cavity molds (with the development trend of automobile lightweight and the increasingly stringent requirements of air quality in cars) in South Korea

the shaft speed of injection molding machine ranks first among similar products

powerful, high accuracy, and economical compact - Engel all electric e-mac series injection molding machines have set a new benchmark for the production of precision technical parts and electronic components. The acceleration of Engel e-mac injection axis exceeds 20m/s-sup2;, It is currently the fastest accelerating product of its kind in the world. In addition, the synchronous movement of the drive shaft can ensure a fast production cycle. The length of Engel e-mac is only 3 meters, and the structure is extremely compact, so it not only saves floor space, but also helps to save resources. From injection molding, metering to casting and ejection, Engel E-M understands that AC series injection molding machines are driven by servo motors and operate through modern shaft system solutions with stable intermediate circuits, and then the braking energy will be recovered and fed back to lattice

in addition to Engel's pull rod free e-mac30tl injection molding machine, Engel will also launch a new series of injection molding machine products with a clamping force of 50 tons, 75 tons and 180 tons in the Asian market, providing complete modularization and automation integration technology

welcome to Engel's "2013 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" (Guangzhou) booth

exhibition hall 4.1, booth No. J41


Engel can ensure to meet the needs of the electronic communication industry by launching a small non rod Engel e-mac series injection molding machine. During the Chinaplas exhibition, Engel will demonstrate to the audience the use of e-mac30tl injection molding machine to produce 60 pin board to board high-speed connectors in a 16 cavity mold

As one of the world's leading injection molding machine manufacturers, Engel Austria Co., Ltd. provides Chinese customers with a full range of plastic processing technology modules with a single independent brand product, including injection molding machines for thermoplastic elastomers and automation solutions, to ensure that each component product is competitive and successful in the global market. Engel has eight production plants in Europe, North America and Asia (Shanghai, South Korea), with subsidiaries and representative offices in 85 countries around the world. Engel company helps its customers improve the competitiveness of these two kinds of tensile testing machines with global support, and makes use of new technologies and cutting-edge production systems to achieve success

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