Caterpillar built a city in the sky, dug undergrou

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Caterpillar: build a city of the sky, dig underground gold and build a port into the sea

caterpillar: build a city of the sky, dig underground gold and build a port into the sea

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the so-called years are quiet, just because someone is carrying a load for you

behind our beautiful and convenient life, there are many builders who are brave in fighting and dedication, and caterpillar is also one of them

in the more than 40 years since it was rooted in China, caterpillar has always actively contributed to the development and construction of China. Caterpillar is everywhere as long as it needs

caterpillar is everywhere

the city of the sky is built on it

as Beijing Capital International Airport, which ranks second in the world in passenger throughput, is one of the important landmark buildings in Beijing and even China. Among them, terminal 2, which was completed in 1999, has a construction area of 33 In addition to the low speed, 60000 square meters, equivalent to three times that of terminal 1. During the construction period, batches of construction equipment entered the site one after another, and busy excavators, loaders and all kinds of construction machinery can be seen everywhere. Caterpillar equipment is one of the backbone. After four consecutive years of continuous construction, terminal 2, with an annual passenger reception of more than 26 million people, was finally completed

digging into the ground for black gold

digging into the ground for black gold

Daqing Oilfield is of great historical significance to the development of China's economy. Since the early 1970s, Caterpillar equipment has appeared on this land, mining and excavating black gold formed hundreds of millions of years ago for the Chinese people. In Karamay oil field, another important petroleum and petrochemical base, caterpillar generator sets, which have been working for many years, inject energy into drilling around the clock, so that Karamay can provide continuous energy guarantee for the normal work and life of many people

into the sea to see the prosperous times

into the sea to see the prosperous times

facing the sea, spring flowers bloom. Standing in Qingdao port, one of the largest ports in China, is the first feeling to come. The advantage of such a large computer is that it can analyze the data in detail. The flow of people, logistics and vehicles is endless; Dozens of hundreds of giant loaders are constantly on the move; Countless cargo ships and passenger ships from various countries stop and leave in a cycle. The busy figure of Caterpillar equipment also appears from time to time. Such a busy scene is becoming more and more common on China's 30000 kilometer coastline, and caterpillar will continue to contribute to it, jointly continuing the significance of Chinese ports as the world's "maritime corridor"

now, from the prosperous cities to the quiet villages, from the blue ocean measured with a dial indicator based on two force pillars to the towering ridges, Caterpillar equipment can be seen everywhere in this rapidly developing land of China. Since the first equipment entered China in 1975, caterpillar has made great investment in China, including setting up offices, R & D centers and factories, developing agent networks and supply bases, etc. With high-quality products and services, innovative technology and equipment, caterpillar has widely participated in the construction of China's infrastructure and provided support for many major construction projects, including the Three Gorges project, Xiaolangdi project and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project

As a builder, caterpillar has witnessed China's remarkable economic rise in the past 40 years. Now, in the new situation of China's economic growth and mode transformation, caterpillar will continue to actively play its leading edge in the industry, focus on the future, continue to contribute to "building a beautiful China", increase support for the development of key brands and platform construction, and support Chinese customers to participate in domestic and overseas infrastructure projects in the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, so as to promote world-class sustainable growth Innovation and partnership

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