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Xinjiyuan made a wonderful debut with its new Super Sticky pre coating

in March 2013, and the requirements for plastic technology will also be more stringent. From April 4 to 6, the 20th South China International Printing Exhibition was successfully opened at the Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou at the same time as the clamping length of the specimen and the length of the fixture tooth surface, Xinjifan insulation core material or flammable or combustible color steel plates were all removed. Source industry Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance with its new Super Sticky pre coating (special for digital printing and coating)

it is understood that since 1980, Xinjiyuan industry has been engaged in the plastic film business required for printing and packaging; In 1995, Xinjiyuan industry began the development and production of new rings. If the bonding is too firm, the material will become brittle and the pre coating film will be preserved; In 2003, advanced technology and automatic production equipment were introduced successively, and in the same year, ISO international quality system and SGS certification were passed. At present, Xinjiyuan industry has formed a scale with an annual output of 10000 tons of various high-quality environmental friendly pre coating, and its products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, Africa, Oceania and other countries and regions

in this exhibition, Xinjiyuan industry mainly promoted the super adhesive pre coating for digital printing and film covering. Because there are silicone oil, toner or electronic ink on the surface of digital printing materials, it is easy to produce bubbles, film separation, loose adhesion and other phenomena during conventional coating, and now this problem has been solved in Xinjiyuan. The super adhesive pre coating has super adhesion, which overcomes the problems caused by silicone oil on the coating, and is especially suitable for the coating of digital printing with thick ink layer and large amount of silicone oil

according to the introduction, the new era source super adhesive pre coating can adapt to different brands and models of digital printing machines, such as Xerox (dc1257, dc2060, dc6060), HP, Kodak, Canon, Saikang, Konica Minolta, founder and other equipment; At the same time, it can also be firmly covered with non paper PVC film, outdoor and indoor advertising spray film, etc

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