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In the new era of automobile industry, Ningde is coming.

on October 1, the bright five-star red flag was raised in SAIC Ningde base, and Ningde "SAIC people" held on to their posts to start a different holiday

this is a time worth remembering. Just a few days ago, on September 28, the SAIC Ningde base project was officially completed and put into operation, and the plug-in hybrid new energy new car mingjue EHS went offline, presenting a generous gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, and Ningde held a "Golden Doll"

"SAIC brand, Ningde speed" "cars have 'made in Ningde'"... For a time, this place became the focus of attention. Congratulations to SAIC, praise Ningde, and cheers

looking at East Fujian, this is not just the rise of a "car city". From the base, there are magnificent factory workshops, intelligent manufacturing robots, and new offline new energy vehicles; Outside the base, the leading industries with coordinated development, the increasingly perfect industrial ecosystem, and the booming integration of industry and city. A footstep is getting stronger and stronger: the new era of automotive industry, Ningde is coming

17 months of flat rise "Auto City"

in the past, East Fujian, "old, young, border, island, poor", weak foundation, lagging development, no corrosive medium;, The industrial base is "poor and poor", which is one of the 18 contiguous poverty-stricken areas in the country, let alone making cars

"the weak bird is expected to fly first, and the poor may get rich first". The people of East Fujian, who have set great ambitions, have worked hard and unswervingly to get rid of poverty. Cast long "chain"

under the background of Ningde's desire for development and striving to catch up, on March 23, 2018, SAIC Ningde base signed a contract to land and lay out the Sanyu park. On April 28, when the project was launched, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government clearly pointed out that the SAIC Ningde base project has a high positioning, large scale, long chain and strong driving force. It is a rare "Golden Doll" landing in Ningde, and a large and good project that can "do a lot of work". Every cadre in the city should cherish and work harder, strengthen service guarantee, give priority to service and give priority to project construction

since the launch of the project, Ningde has made great efforts to promote the main products that can be tested: electronic and electrical products. The main leaders of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government not only took command, but also went out to fight. They went all out to grasp the progress, schedule and solve problems. The two-level headquarters in the urban area, the guarantee departments of various elements, the owner and the construction unit worked together to overcome the adverse factors such as the long duration of the rainy season, the wide range and large volume of operations, and fought a decisive battle in the spirit of "dry sunny days, rush to dry cloudy days, skillfully dry rainy days, and do a good job every day". In just 17 months, a modern automobile city was built, creating the "Ningde speed" and "Ningde quality" of the project construction

now, looking back, the rise of "Auto City" on the ground is heroic

magnificent "Auto City" smart Industrial Park

"excellence at the beginning." This is an appropriate description of SAIC Ningde base

it is understood that the project is a landmark project for our province to adhere to high-quality development and vigorously develop high-end manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, which is full of the care and love of the state, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. From the beginning of construction, SAIC Ningde base has a clear positioning: first, in accordance with the planning concept of "flexibility, digitalization, automation and digitalization", we should be technologically advanced and moderately advanced to create a new intelligent factory; The second is to lay out the southeast coast and build one of the important export bases of SAIC passenger cars

wandering in SAIC Ningde base, the scale of the grand Sinopec plan to invest 200billion yuan is amazing. As the "aircraft carrier base" for the innovative development of SAIC, this is the fourth largest production base of SAIC passenger cars. The total land area of the project is more than 6800 mu, so as to achieve the organic combination and overall consideration of vehicle planning, logistics operation and municipal road planning. Among them, the general assembly workshop covers an area of 138749 square meters, which is currently the largest in Asia. At the same time, it has two technical highlights: the largest span machine transportation system and the quality acquisition and traceability system in China

smart factories and smart parks are another highlight of SAIC Ningde base. Intelligent factory means to build an intelligent manufacturing benchmarking factory with the goals of equipment automation, production transparency, logistics intelligence and decision-making data; Smart park means to build a three-dimensional, intelligent and strong experience Ningde smart park for SAIC passenger cars. At present, there are 511 robots in the base, with an automatic rate of 99.8%. Through the deep integration of automatic process equipment and industrial IOT, industrial big data and artificial intelligence technology, we have built an intelligent manufacturing system for automobiles that integrates "intelligent equipment", "intelligent supply chain" and "big data intelligent brain", which has achieved an all-round leap in accelerating OTD delivery, improving quality control and reducing operating costs, and achieved "flexibility, digitization, automation and digitization" With the manufacturing standard of "four modernizations and one high" of high quality, it has become a world-class intelligent factory

the closest distance is the strongest resultant force

a "car city" is rising, and a vigorous development picture is slowly unfolding on the hot land of East Fujian

after the SAIC Ningde base is put into operation, the annual production capacity will be 300000 vehicles, and the annual output value will reach more than 50billion yuan. The first 30 supporting suppliers have also completed the construction and put into operation simultaneously, forming a complete supply chain system. At the same time, with the same scale of production capacity reserved in phase II, together with supporting projects, 100 billion new energy vehicle industry clusters can be formed after all are completed and put into operation

jump out of the "Auto City" to see development. Adjacent to SAIC Ningde base, it is another "Golden Doll" of Ningde - Ningde era, the "world's top battery manufacturer". According to the relevant person of SAIC Ningde base, battery safety is the key to ensure the safety of new energy vehicles. At present, consumers pay more and more attention to the safety of new energy vehicles, especially the safety of batteries. The base has built an ultra close and efficient supply system with Ningde era, which can effectively reduce or eliminate unsafe factors in the transportation of new energy battery packs and improve the reliability and safety of products

looking at East Fujian, there are also two leading industrial clusters of stainless steel new materials and copper materials, which are closely connected with the two major industrial clusters of lithium battery new energy and new energy vehicles. With the implementation and construction of a series of projects such as Qingmei Energy Materials Industrial Park, circular economy industrial park and Zhengwei copper material intensive processing, the collaborative development channels of the four leading industries have been opened up, and a full closed-loop industrial chain has been formed from the extraction of nickel and cobalt raw materials to cathode materials, copper materials, lithium batteries, new energy vehicle manufacturing, and the recycling and utilization of automobiles and power batteries, so as to realize the "forward and reverse" circular development of the manufacturing industry, Build a new development mode of Ningde's closed cycle industry and a new competitive advantage of high industrial synergy

enlarge the field of vision. SAIC Ningde base has created nearly 10000 local jobs. At the same time, SAIC Group has seamless connection with vocational schools such as Ningde vocational and technical college, school enterprise cooperation, joint classes, and jointly cultivate industrial skilled talents. Turning to traffic, look around SAIC Ningde base, Liudu interchange of Ninggu expressway, Sanyu interchange of Shenhai expressway, and the relocated 104 National Highway, which makes it easier for people in eastern Fujian to travel. Moving to the "North Gate" of the urban area, the construction of a new energy characteristic town supported by industry is booming, with industry city integration and industry city linkage, and the atmosphere is myriad

a "city" rises and shows its grand plan. The new era of automobile industry, Ningde, the future has come

(Wang Zhiling, East Fujian)

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