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Create a new era of application - ultra high speed i/o for world-class automation systems

Beckhoff has successfully implemented the concept of "PC based control technology" for more than 20 years. Nowadays, a PC with high-performance processor has the same control task processing ability as the sum of traditional PLC, motion controller, safety control system and other special controllers. Previously, it was difficult to convert high-performance CPU processing power into the processing of control tasks. Mechanical DSM high-performance polyamide has other important advantages. The link between equipment and PC uses the traditional fieldbus invented years ago. These communication types are not suitable for high-performance CPU, especially in synchronous data transmission

ethercat (Ethernet based control and automation technology) has ended the gap between i/o and fast CPU. Compared with the traditional fieldbus, the update and response time of EtherCAT is at least 10 times faster. This makes EtherCAT an ideal communication system for high-performance controllers

ethercat has extremely high performance in data transmission. For example, the data transmission of 1000 digital i/o is only 30 μ It can be completed within s. However, this is not the only reason why designers adopt EtherCAT. On the other hand, it is out of economic considerations: with EtherCAT, the controller no longer needs the master station card. In this way, the coking plant has considered that the current market shipment situation has not improved, which has significantly reduced the hardware cost, and can also choose more economical i/o couplers, cables and connectors

EtherCAT ushered in a new era in the application field: it replaced the complex and expensive systems necessary in the past. Through EtherCAT, cable redundancy can be easily achieved, thereby increasing the reliability of the machine

ethercat terminal, Beckhoff core i/o product line, has been significantly enhanced: for example, the signal sampling terminal can reach a sampling frequency of 200 K/s. This improvement in product characteristics opens the door to the application of instrumentation and condition monitoring

ethercat is absolutely open in both slave and master stations. Once upon a time, users with special needs had to develop their own hardware and software. Now, they can realize their technology in software. They can even use their own EtherCAT master station and use fast EtherCAT i/o as the interface to the outside world. Users no longer need to maintain their own hardware continuously, and the developed resources can create unique selling points

EtherCAT technology has attracted more than 250 ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) member companies around the world to develop EtherCAT master station and slave station equipment. So far, EtherCAT has more than 380 member companies, and EtherCAT Technology Group has become the largest industrial Ethernet organization in the world, which can stop complex data analysis

at present, the main goal of Beckhoff product development team is the continuous expansion of EtherCAT product line. In 2007, more than 100 new EtherCAT terminals will be developed and produced. In addition, Beckhoff's existing i/o products have covered standard digital and analog signals, incremental encoders, SSI, RS232, RS485, as well as fieldbus master and slave stations, and will realize large-scale innovation in the future. This innovation will enable EtherCAT terminals to be used in almost all applications. For example, more signal types, such as counters, PT100 and thermocouple terminals, economical 4-channel and 8-channel digital quantity and modulus terminals, will be our key research and development direction in developing new terminals

with more than three years of global practical experience, EtherCAT has been proved to bring many benefits to users, especially in the improvement of equipment speed and more economical cost

adhering to Beckhoff's ultimate pursuit of the needs of customers and cooperation with many colleges, Beckhoff global will be happy to discuss with users more opportunities and benefits that EtherCAT may bring to users. (author: Liu Yanqiang)

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