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New environmental protection packaging material vacuum aluminized paper (Part 2)

its process characteristics are:

1. This process makes full use of the flatness of PET film to make the paper surface smooth and bright, with uniform color and luster, and stronger metal texture

2. The product has strong printing adaptability and can be used for gravure printing, offset printing, silk screen printing and UV printing

3. The equipment can produce laser anti-counterfeiting gold and silver cardboard with any pattern and text

4. The transfer method can be used to produce gold and silver paperboard from 80 ~ 350g/m2 white paperboard, copper paperboard, gray background white paperboard, kraft linerboard, etc

5. The thickness of aluminum layer of gold silver cardboard produced by transfer method is only 0.02 ~ 0.04 μ M (200 ~ 400 angstroms), which meets the environmental protection requirements of countries all over the world and is easy to recycle. Because recycled paper will have an upward trend, it will be the beneficiary of transferring aluminized paper

6. The base film (PET) used in the transfer method can be used repeatedly and the relative cost can be reduced

7. Relatively less equipment investment, and can better maintain the physical properties of the base paper

compared with the direct method, the advantages of the transfer method: ⑴ it can produce paper or paper of any thickness. ⑵ it can make full use of the flatness of PET film to make the metal luster on the paper brighter. ⑶ it can produce laser anti-counterfeiting vacuum aluminized cardboard with various patterns. Disadvantages: ⑴ there are many processes, the yield is lower than that of direct aluminum plating, and the requirements for PET film that needs to be used many times are higher. (2) the secondary process of transfer film has high technical requirements, and the quality qualification rate control means are limited. ⑶ there are still some problems in the folding resistance of the product

III. application of vacuum aluminized paper in packaging

1. Environmental friendly vacuum aluminized paperboard

environmental friendly vacuum aluminized paperboard is produced by transfer method, with more than 150 ~ 400 grams of specifications, including ordinary aluminum sprayed paperboard, gold and silver aluminum sprayed paperboard, holographic laser paperboard and other forms. At present, the paper is widely used in various medium and high-end cigarette, alcohol, food, medicine, cosmetics, gifts and other carton packaging, and can also be directly processed into a wave, b wave, e wave, AB wave corrugated cardboard packaging products in the form of facial paper

2. Environmental friendly aluminized smoke lining paper

environmental friendly aluminized smoke lining paper is produced by direct method. It includes environmental friendly ordinary vacuum aluminized cigarette lining paper and direct environmental friendly holographic anti-counterfeiting vacuum aluminized cigarette lining paper. The application of this paper in the field of cigarette packaging not only improves the grade of goods and increases the added value of goods. The proportion of the United States is very low, but also can help combat fake and shoddy goods, effectively protect the interests of manufacturers, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. This will also be a fundamental revolution in packaging in the tobacco industry

3. Environmental friendly vacuum aluminized wine label paper

environmental friendly vacuum aluminized wine label paper is produced by direct method. It is made of about 70g waterproof paper, including direct method ordinary vacuum aluminized beer label sticker and direct method holographic anti-counterfeiting beer label sticker. Silver/gold wine label paper, silver/gold embossed paper, laser/matte wine label paper and other specifications. The paper is mainly used for labels of printable and recyclable glass bottles (including body marks, back marks, neck marks, etc.)

4. Environmental friendly vacuum aluminized packaging paper

environmental friendly vacuum aluminized packaging paper is produced by direct method and processed from low gram weight packaging paper. It mainly includes food wrapping paper, gift wrapping paper and other types. This paper is mainly used in the field of food packaging, such as chewing gum, chocolate, biscuits, candy with high surface effects, etc. with exquisite shapes, beautiful patterns, beautiful colors, and beautiful text descriptions, it makes people feel that the internal products have good quality. At the same time, it also integrates commodity packaging, commodity signs, corporate image, advertising and art appreciation

5. Environmental friendly vacuum aluminized gift wrapping paper

environmental friendly vacuum aluminized gift wrapping paper is the most popular gift wrapping paper in the world at present. This product is widely used in gift packaging for various festive occasions, such as Spring Festival, Christmas, birthday, congratulations and other days, and can be processed into various exquisite packaging handbags

6. Laser vacuum aluminum spray anti-counterfeiting packaging paper

laser vacuum aluminum spray anti-counterfeiting packaging paper is formed by loading laser holographic patterns or text signals onto the surface of aluminum spray paper through molding, and its laser brightness is higher than that of ordinary laser packaging machine 'target'=_ Blank> the brightness of the transparent film is several times stronger, and the laser pattern cannot be erased. High tech holographic laser anti-counterfeiting materials are mainly used for: anti-counterfeiting holographic laser cardboard; Anti counterfeiting holographic laser tissue paper; Anti counterfeit holographic laser BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP and other plastics; Anti counterfeiting holographic laser packaging label material

7. Self adhesive (about 90g coated paper) silver/gold paper, silver/gold embossed paper

in order to give paper an elegant effect, the surface embossing method can be used, and the pattern of the whole plane makes the label have a special charm. The treatment of this surface pattern makes the label more valuable. Embossing will also make the label more flexible, and its performance will be better in the process of labeling and subsequent cleaning

IV. outlook

in short, vacuum aluminized paper is not only gorgeous in appearance, but also anti-counterfeiting and degradability. It is an environmental protection product in line with international trends. The product has broad application fields, huge potential market, and can replace imports, so the market prospect is optimistic. Nowadays, more and more well-known enterprises have realized and begun to apply vacuum aluminized paper to the packaging field of beer, tobacco packaging and other industries, which will bring new development opportunities to China's packaging industry

information source: Guangdong packaging

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