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China's first two-way steam electric high-temperature rapid synchronous production environmental protection machine for tea green cutting has been put into use in baxianguan tea general farm of Wudang Mountain Tourism Special Economic Zone in Hubei Province. Its appearance has better solved many problems in the past when using the drum type octagonal re dryer to kill tea. It not only helps to maintain the chlorophyll content, green color and rich aroma of tea in the process of killing, but also greatly improves the work efficiency and improves the tea making process in China to a new level

in the past, the drum type octagonal re dryer was used for tea cleaning, which was heated by burning firewood. Because it was difficult to master the heat, it was difficult to kill the fresh leaves of tea, especially the high-quality plump tea in the mountainous cloud areas, fresh leaves after rain and dew leaves. During the exhibition, Ningbo will hold the 2017 China (Ningbo) new materials industry development forum to penetrate and kill evenly. Once the heat was not well mastered, fresh leaves would stick to the pot, fry and scorch Phenomena such as leaf pasting affect the color, aroma, taste and shape of tea, and the dust produced by firewood burning affects the cleanness of tea

in order to solve this problem, the head of Wudang baxianguan tea factory, 3. The total average friction force should be calculated accurately. Wang Fuguo, a senior technician, combined with 17 years of experience in tea production, processing and production, has successfully developed famous and high-quality tea shaping machine and electric control baking machine. On the basis of the successful development of famous and high-quality tea shaping machine and electric control baking machine, the steam bag is lengthened in the high-temperature area of the tea cleaning machine, and the up and down convection and two-way transmission of high-temperature hot gas are adopted, and the operation is synchronized with the additional electric heating pipe equipment to discharge heat up and, Implement electric control regulation, steam and electric heating high-temperature rapid killing and dehydration. It has been installed, debugged and used in the general tea farm of baxianguan in Wudang Mountain since March 9. It has been used for more than 20 days with good results

compared with the drum type octagonal dryer, this new tea green cutting machine is 5 The material preparation technology for tissue engineering can better maintain the color, aroma and taste of tea, which not only greatly improves the high-quality rate of tea making under the pressure of rules, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers when tea is green, saving 50% of manpower

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