Caterpillar said that China's construction machine

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Caterpillar said that China's construction machinery industry is about to enter the integration period

caterpillar said that China's construction machinery industry is about to enter the integration period

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Guide: on March 18, Kevin thieneman, president of caterpillar China, India and ASEAN, attended the China development high level forum today and told sina finance, China's construction machinery industry will enter the industry integration period in the next 5 to 10 years. Excavator manufacturers are expected to feel the proximity of "double 101" from the current 42 every year

on March 18, Kevin thieneman, President of caterpillar China, India and ASEAN, attended the China Development Forum today and told Sina Finance and economics that China's construction machinery industry will enter a period of industry integration in the next 5 to 10 years, and the number of excavator manufacturers is expected to be reduced from the current 42 to about 8

excavator brands in the Chinese market will be reduced to about 8

as the leader of the construction machinery industry, caterpillar has obviously noticed the booming development of the Chinese market in recent years. In 2010, the sales volume of China's construction machinery industry exceeded 400billion yuan, and both output and sales volume ranked first in the world. The figures for 2011 have not yet been released, but according to industry forecasts, the sales are expected to exceed 5. This kind of method is mainly used in impact experiments, which will reach about 900billion yuan in 2015

Jin Liwen said that at present, there are about 42 excavator enterprises in China's construction machinery market, but referring to the development process of developed countries, this field will eventually be reduced to about 8 in the future

Jin Liwen believes that this process will be staged in the next 5 to 10 years, and China's construction machinery industry will inevitably usher in industry integration, and most enterprises will be integrated

last year, Caterpillar's annual operating revenue reached US $60.1 billion, an increase of 41% over the same period last year, and its operating profit reached US $4.9 billion, a significant increase of 83% over 2010

Jin Liwen said that this is due to the better development opportunities of the global construction machinery industry. At the same time, Caterpillar's products have further consolidated the market with its high quality, long life, high reliability and good service

Kim Levin said that last year, Caterpillar's market share ranking in China rose from 7th in 2010 to 5th

the integration of construction machinery needs to take into account both business and corporate culture

but according to Caterpillar's annual report, their sales revenue growth in the Asian market is not prominent

in 2011, Caterpillar's sales revenue in Europe, Africa and the Middle East increased by 62%, that in North America increased by 46%, and that in Asia Pacific increased by 31%, lower than that in other regions

the rise of Chinese local brands has blocked the development of caterpillar in China to a certain extent. Kim Levin did not specify who caterpillar's strongest competitor in China was. He said that different products face different competitors. Taking wheel loaders as an example, the competition mainly comes from Liugong and Longgong

in the past two years, when the sales hardness of Chinese local brands such as Liugong, Longgong, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and XCMG was higher than hrb100, the sales revenue was rising sharply, and they began to seek mergers and acquisitions of overseas assets. At the beginning of 2012, Sany Heavy Industry planned to acquire Putzmeister, Germany, which made the international market smell the ambition of Chinese local brands

Founded in 1925, caterpillar has more experience in enterprise integration. Jin Liwen said that they should not only consider whether the assets to be acquired match their own strategic development, but also evaluate whether the corporate cultures of both sides are compatible. "Both are indispensable." Kim Levin said

Jin Liwen believes that the evaluation of business strategy and corporate culture should be given equal importance

the integration with Bucyrus international is still in progress.

last year, caterpillar completed the acquisition of Bucyrus International Inc., a mining equipment manufacturer, for $8.8 billion

Bucyrus mainly adopts the mode of product direct sales and after-sales, while caterpillar has long adhered to the agency strategy and selected independent agents to operate. After the completion of the acquisition, caterpillar announced that it planned to sell its distribution business and increase the service life of the experimental machine to Carter agents who support the mining business worldwide

Kim Levin revealed that this work is still in progress, and some businesses have been sold to Caterpillar's original agents. For example, West, one of Caterpillar's largest dealers in the world, has begun to take over the agency work of the original biseros equipment, but the transformation of the global sales model will take some time

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