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Modern printing laser modulation

laser can be used as a tool to transmit information. We call the process of loading the information to be transmitted (digital image and cutting text into the market segment gap) into laser radiation laser modulation. Because laser plays the role of carrying information, it is called carrier wave of high-end functional plants/medical materials in the field of biomedicine. Electrooptic modulator and acoustooptic modulator are commonly used in printing. In practical applications, acoustooptic modulators are in the majority. Acoustooptic modulators are composed of acoustooptic media, electroacoustic transducers, sound absorption devices and driving power supplies. The acoustooptic media of acoustooptic modulators commonly used in printing equipment is lead molybdate (PbMoO4) crystal. The piezoelectric crystal of the electroacoustic transducer is lithium niobate (LiNbO3), which is a hard challenge to the national policy high-voltage warning line. Using the anti piezoelectric effect, the mechanical vibration generated under the action of the external electric field forms an ultrasonic field, which plays the role of converting the modulated electrical signal into an acoustic signal, and is driven by the modulated power supply. When the laser passes through the acoustooptic medium, due to the interaction between light and the acoustic field, Bragg diffraction occurs, And take the first-order diffraction light as the output. When the amplitude of sound wave changes with the modulation signal, the intensity of diffracted light will change accordingly. The output light is periodically modulated light

here, the modulator is also an electro-optical conversion device in the optical path system, which now converts the graphic information electrical signal output by the computer into an optical signal

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