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School of mechanical engineering, Tianjin University of Technology: Li Tianxu

news at this time, it is only necessary to replace or clean the gauze, but remove the obstacles] Li Tianxu, a graduate student of the school of mechanical engineering, his main research interests are: robot production line simulation, robot control technology and welding additive manufacturing technology

served as the chairman of the graduate Association of the Institute of mechanical engineering with the idea that the use of carbon fiber can increase the value of products, the monitor of grade 16 master students, the outstanding Party member at the school level, and obtained the computer (C language) level II Certificate, national scholarship, and 2019 excellent graduates

efforts for scholarships

in the face of the scholarships he has won, Li Tianxu said: have a reasonable time plan every day, and make good arrangements for scientific research and life; According to the direction of your tutor, check more literature, especially the recent high-level domestic and foreign literature. When you find a good paper, take notes and expand it to analyze whether this method can be optimized as a way of publishing papers; You are not afraid of experiments. When others are resting, you are doing experiments. This is progress. Record the process of experiments and record problems in time

how to get excellent results

a good learning environment will make you unconsciously enter the world of scientific research. Therefore, thank your tutor for creating a good learning environment for us, and you should try your best to change the people and environment around you. As for motivation, because I have a strong personality since I was a child, I want to fight for everything and try my best

exercise of student leaders

as the chairman of the Research Association, in addition to assisting the teachers of the school office and the scientific research office to complete the daily work of graduate students (freshmen enrollment, graduation of senior brothers and sisters), I also organized all my partners to complete the following work: held the badminton competition of the college, held the 2016 academic forum, held the Spring Festival tea party, which was highly praised by the leading teachers of the college

hobbies after study and work

usually I like sports, playing ball, swimming, running, etc. I won the championship of the graduate basketball carnival with my friends twice in three years. Although it has no obvious effect on weight loss at present, because of my love, I have always regarded basketball as a relaxing way of my spare time life

what I want to say to my younger brothers and sisters

two and a half years is really tense. I hope you don't live up to the good time. There are really common faults in the graduate stage. 3: when loading, you can make yourself a higher level. I hope you don't forget your original intention

as graduate students in the new era, we should strive to learn from Li Tianxu, make great efforts in scientific research and work hard, and make our theory and time progress together, develop ourselves together, add luster to scientific research, add luster to the school, and enrich campus life

as workers in the new era, we should combine our dreams with the dream of the University of technology and the Chinese dream to make greater contributions to this society

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