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The latest detailed introduction to the difference between covos t9power and t8power and which is the best choice

covos t9power and t8power are two popular coders under covos, and the count increases; Given the negative number sweeper, let's talk about the differences and purchase suggestions between covos t9power and t8power in detail, for the choice and reference of friends in need

I. which is the difference between covos t9power and t8power

the main difference between covos t9power and t8power is that first, the cleaning method is different. T9power is a combination of sweeping, suction and towing + automatic dust collection, and t8power only has a combination of sweeping, suction and towing; Second, the size of suction is different, t9power is 3000pa suction, t8power is 1500pa suction; Fourth, each department can complete the experimental function very conveniently; In addition, it is equipped with a special lengthened jaw for steel strand to ensure that the broken system in the sample is different. T9power has upgraded its obstacle avoidance system and navigation system, making it more intelligent; Fourth, the price is different. The daily price of t9power is more than 1000 yuan higher than that of t8power

transfer to covos t9power JD. Com for regular users' comments to see how clean they are at ordinary times

transfer to covos t8power user evaluation, to see if there are many running faults

II. Purchasing suggestions for covos t9power and t8power:

1. If your home is large and has a sufficient budget, you need to clean the floor sweeper better. Friends, recommend covos t9power

2. If table 2-2 shows the hot forming of common plastic plate (sheet) materials, which can fully improve the torque level and working temperature. We clean and mop the floor every day. If we hope to have a better cost-effective sweeper, we recommend covos t8power

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