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Latest achievement information: gc9800 type complexing gas chromatograph

product features:

1. The advanced 10/100m Ethernet communication interface is adopted to realize the remote control and remote data transmission processing or supervision of the instrument without the limitation of distance. It provides an easy integrated enterprise and interconnection solution, which can easily connect the unit supervisor and the superior administrative supervisor, and facilitate the supervisor's real-time supervision. It can be connected to the manufacturer through interconnection to realize remote diagnosis, remote program update, etc

2. The workstation equipped with the chromatograph can support the work of multiple chromatographs at the same time, realize data processing and anti control, reduce the investment of the laboratory, and simplify the management of documents

3. The instrument is designed with a timed self starting program, which can easily complete the analysis

4. The chromatograph has built-in high-resolution ad circuit, and has the functions of baseline storage and baseline deduction; The chromatograph is designed with USB interface, which supports general USB printer to print spectrogram and analysis results, and supports U disk to store spectrogram data for future archiving and reanalysis

6. The new microcomputer temperature control system has high temperature control accuracy, excellent reliability and anti-interference performance; It has six completely independent temperature control systems, which can realize eight order programmed temperature rise; With the automatic rear door opening system of the column box, the Wechsler hardness tester is used for the Wechsler hardness value of aluminum alloy products. The main production way is to synthesize and measure the Wechsler hardness value through chemical raw materials, and the rising/cooling speed is fast

7. The operating system of the full microcomputer controlled keyboard is simple and convenient to operate; The automatic identification technology of detector is designed in the machine; It has the functions of fault diagnosis and data protection

8. It has two columns and two gas paths, and can be installed with three injectors and two detectors; It is very convenient to realize the conversion of packed column injection, large caliber capillary column direct injection and small caliber capillary column split injection; It can be equipped with split/non split injector, gas injection valve, reformer, thermal (cracking) analyzer, headspace sampler, thermal analysis device, etc

9. It has a constant hydrogen ignition system, which realizes the high repetition of nitrogen and hydrogen ratio before and after ignition, and makes corresponding treatment and solution

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