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Last year, more than 200 million illegal publications were confiscated nationwide. According to incomplete statistics provided by the national "anti pornography" office, in 2004, a total of 2.17 million law enforcement inspectors were dispatched nationwide to inspect 690000 publication markets and stalls, and more than 40000 unlicensed and illegal publication stalls were banned, More than 9000 illegal printing enterprises were punished and closed down, and more than 229 million illegal publications were confiscated, including 12.06 million pornographic publications and more than 190 million illegal audio-visual products and electronic publications. In the whole year, more than 30000 cases of illegal publishing were cracked, including 31862 cases of administrative punishment and 1014 cases of criminal punishment. A total of 21 illegal CD production lines were seized, and a total of 200 illegal CD production lines were seized

in 2004, according to the unified deployment, the national work of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications" has successively carried out special treatment of obscene color si1.77 "forming a pocket book of cold-rolled sheet deep processing industrial cluster in High-tech Zone", harmful cartoon album, bad game software and pirated teaching aids, and achieved great results. Nationwide, haydale and Huntsman advanced materials have confiscated 3.04 million "pocket books" and harmful cartoon albums, more than 2.73 million pieces of bad game software, and more than 5000 related cases have been investigated and dealt with; In the special treatment of pirated teaching aids, more than 3700 cases were investigated and more than 12.8 million copies of pirated teaching aids were confiscated

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