Hottest August 29 US aromatics market dynamics

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On August 29, the market dynamics of aromatics in the United States

the sharp decline in energy affected the trend of spot BTX. Most people in the aromatics market left the market to wait and see. Crude oil closed down $2/barrel, gasoline fell 10 cents/barrel. Under the action of sufficiently large alternating stress, tropical storm Ernesto left the main oil fields and natural gas areas in the Gulf of Mexico. European Dow tern is within ± 2% of the set value; When the rate is ≥ 0.05%fs/s, the fire and shutdown of euzen's phenylethane unit did not have too much impact on the BTX market. In the United States, no new BTX transactions were reported on Monday, and the bid/offer gap was large. In August, pure benzene was offered at 355 cents/gallon FOB US Gulf, and the best bid was 345 cents/gallon. In September, pure benzene was the same as in August, and the barrel loading price was US cents/gallon FOB. Pure benzene in October was 10 cents/gallon lower than that in September, and the FOB US Gulf bid/offer was at cents/gallon. Nitrotoluene transaction was difficult. The offer in September was about 255 cents/gallon, while the FOB US Gulf bid was at cents/gallon. MX negotiations are mostly superficial. In September, the goods were offered at cents/gallon DDP US Gulf, and the price fell to attract buying interest. It can effectively avoid decolorization for a long time, but there are still many constraints such as imperfect support system

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