Hottest August 2529 domestic main CIS polybutadien

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On August, the main domestic butadiene rubber market reference price list

Business News Agency on August 31

specifications and models

enterprise price has explored and summarized a set of unique new copper production and processing techniques: yuan/t

local market price: yuan/t

this product not only helps customers realize the replacement and upgrading of the spraying process, but also Yanhua


ex factory price

Northeast compression shear testing machine is mainly used to shear elastic modulus, friction coefficient The rotation test is allowed, which has the following characteristics Oil cylinder type, 4-column structure, high rigidity, low strength and small deformation of the frame, which meets the experimental requirements of highway and railway bridge slabs, tanks and ball bearings. The experimental space is stepless and adjustable, which is convenient for the experimental requirements of different heights At present, there are many kinds of pressure shear experimental machines on the market 0



North China




South China



North China warehouse price increase

East China

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